Boost Healthcare Facility’s Productivity with Accurate Healthcare Documentation

A major concern for many physicians is the administrative work that takes away their precious time and does not let them do what only they can do – provide quality healthcare. That’s the reason the job of a healthcare document specialist is so priceless that relieves the physicians of their administrative work to the maximum levels. A medical transcriptionist who does the job of healthcare documentation lets the physicians enjoy a more productive day because they can spend more time with their patients and offer the best possible quality healthcare.

Although there is an option of hiring an in-house medical scribe to decrease the burden of physicians’ documentation responsibilities, many healthcare facilities opt to hire healthcare documentation companies that have scribes with expertise in various specialties and prove to be cost-effective for the facilities. A medical transcriptionist assists a physician by documenting relevant information discussed during a patient visit thereby maintaining updated and accurate records to relieve the doctor from spending time on clerical tasks.

The information documented by a healthcare documentation specialist in a transcription report includes every detail regarding the patient visit including demographic information, patient’s family and medical history, concerns and symptoms, observations of the physician during the visit etc. It is really beneficial for the healthcare facilities to hire medical transcriptionists in numerous ways. The first and the most beneficial thing about taking the services of medical transcriptionists is saving the time of physicians and nurse practitioners by eliminating their task of documenting the patient visits which helps them to look at more patients with better focus. This improves the overall productivity of the healthcare facility as well because they can concentrate better on diagnosis and patient care. Another advantage of hiring medical transcriptionists that boosts the productivity levels of the physicians and thus the healthcare facilities is that it reduces their burnout as administrative tasks that are not liked by many physicians are reduced. Also, the facility benefits from the fact that it gets accurate records from the people in healthcare documentation companies as the transcriptionists are totally focused on their jobs in capturing even the minutest of details accurately.

Ultimately, the healthcare facilities can gain a good reputation among patients because they get satisfied when they notice that the physicians are concentrating on them rather than their administrative tasks and are providing better quality care. Professionals in healthcare documentation jobs are a valuable asset to the healthcare industry due to the improvement they bring to the lives of both physicians and patients.

Quick & Smart Tips to Relax in a Busy Schedule

All of us working hard for our bread and butter are pretty busy and life has become so hectic for us that if one task is completed, some 3-4 new tasks add up to the list. Life has become a big chaos for all of us with the number of tasks we have on hand to complete on a daily basis. No wonder, this hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our health in the form of lifestyle disorders and stress-induced illnesses. If we want to make our lives more peaceful and stress- free, these are the things we can do to unwind on a busy workday.

Go for green tea: Green tea is considered to be one of the best and healthy beverage options, as it is high in antioxidants. When things are getting hectic, pleasing oneself with a cup of green tea is highly recommended.

Reduce stress with chewing gum: It is known by all that chewing gums help in keeping fresh breath, but not many know that they also help in reducing stress levels. We should just ensure that we take sugar-free gum to prevent the side effects of sugar-coated chewing gums. Some studies show that chewing gum may also improve alertness and blood flow in the brain which is really required to work with the maximum potential in office.

Quick self-massage: We can give ourselves a quick self-massage to our tired hands wherever we are. It is always not necessary that a massage has to be for the whole body and to be done by professionals. Learning some self-massaging techniques is really helpful to relax our muscles, relieve stress and boost energy.

Throw stress out with a ball: Balls are not just for kids, but for us as well. We can use those stress balls available in novelty shops to squeeze out the stress in us in the simplest possible way. Squeezing a stress ball relaxes our hand muscles that endure a lot throughout the day. They not just relax our hand, but also relax our brain as our attention shifts to something outside our work.

Take a small walk: Just getting out of our work cabins and taking a small walk outside will give much-required relaxation. Walking helps reducing stress on our legs that result from long hours of sitting when we work.

Close eyes and sit calm: Closing our eyes for a few minutes and visualizing calmness around us relaxes both our eyes and mind at the same time. The kind of stress we give our eyes is unimaginable and closing eyes for as little as two minutes will refresh us tremendously.

Without a bit of relaxation and calmness, work-life becomes difficult that affects our performance and efficiency drastically. By following the tips given here, we can definitely add some refreshing moments to our otherwise hectic and mundane workday.

Fundamental Guidelines for Medical Coding

Medical coding the profession that facilitates the medical billing process and the collections for healthcare facilities is a critical and inevitable process in the healthcare facilities. The medical coding process is not only required for billing purposes but it also helps government authorities to understand and track statistics about various ailments and diseases that affect people. This process involves taking reports from doctors with details of a patient’s condition, the diagnosis, medication or services provided and translating them into alpha-numeric codes that are universally acceptable.

The medical coding jobs require that a coder assigns accurate codes consisting of numerals and letters that are unique to every kind of diagnosis, symptom, and treatment procedure. Healthcare facilities need services of experienced coders with exceptional expertise as the coding process is one of the most influential factors in securing insurance reimbursements. Professionals in medical coding jobs need to be highly knowledgeable in different types of code sets such as – ICD -10 codes, HCPCS codes, and CPT codes. Here are certain fundamental rules and guidelines that every medical coder must be aware of.

Follow documentation: The first and foremost requirement of the medical coding process is to maintain consistency with the physician documentation or medical record. Coders should never forget the golden rule – ‘Only code what is documented’. It is important for the medical coding companies to educate their coders that they should assign codes only to what is mentioned in their source document.

Follow correct order: Coding in correct order takes as much significance as accurate coding. Coders should be highly attentive while assigning codes as the placement of a number or letter in the code changes the whole context of the ailment or treatment provided.

Follow NCCI and MUE guidelines: Different insurance payers along with Medicare and Medicaid have different guidelines to be followed that are to be strictly followed. Coders have to report units of service on the basis of NCCI and MUEs so as to avoid reporting multiple services or procedures that should not be billed together.

Modifiers should be used appropriately: Modifiers are codes that consist of two digits involving numbers, letters or a combination of both. These are used with some CPT and HCPCS codes to furnish additional information about the service or procedure performed on a patient.

Follow the coding updates: Healthcare industry is one that sees multiple changes and updates from time-to-time. To ensure that the accurate codes are assigned, medical coders have to stay up-to-date on various aspects related to the healthcare industry in general and coding process and its guidelines in particular.

The financial well –being of a healthcare provider depends on its ability to collect the payment accurately on time and this collection process highly depends on the coding and billing processes. It is important for healthcare facilities to hire the right medical coding companies to do this job for them.

Smart Ways to Advance in Your Career

It is hard to deny fact that the growth of an organization and its bottom line depends on the capabilities of its employees and how they grow in the organization. Hence, it is getting imperative for organizations to encourage their employees to improve their capabilities and develop their career so as to make the organizations remain relevant and competitive in the dynamic marketplace. However, performing employees don’t need their managers or leaders to guide them in every step, rather, they proactively go ahead asking for greater challenges and responsibilities that take them far ahead of their peers. Such employees are not just great assets for the organization but also become an inspiration to the others as they effectively blend their own passions and the organizational goals in such an awesome way that they develop their own capabilities and also deliver good business results. Here are some quick and smart tips to advance in the career.

Strong decision: It is a well-known fact that success comes to only those people who are really daring enough to dream high and truly want to succeed. Success does not come on its own, one has to rise to different occasions and chase success until it can’t elude you with a strong decision and want to succeed.
Planning and executing both in your hands: It has to be understood by one and all that everybody’s career is in their own hands and to make a good career, one has to work smart, manage time effectively, and make the efforts visible to the senior management by planning and executing a career plan thoroughly.

Support others: Any person wanting to move up the ladder can do so only when there is a position vacant. So, to move up in a corporate atmosphere, it is necessary that employees work collaboratively and support each other in their endeavors. One who is helpful and has leadership qualities to guide the peers will be noticed by the senior management for those qualities and has a fair chance of being promoted when a position needs to be filled. Also, one who is a strong support system to his/her immediate boss will have more chances of being seen as a replacement when the boss gets promoted to a higher level or moves to another place.

Positive feedback: Any improvement in life is possible with feedback from others and it is so with one’s career advancement also. Provide positive criticism to the superiors in the office with possible solutions to make things better in the organization and motivate the subordinates instead of giving negative feedback. This will lift the spirits of all the people in the organization and create positive vibes.

Work for the growth of the organization: It is definitely true that an employee is paid for his/her work. But, it is good for the employee to know the larger picture and gain knowledge about the impact of one’s work in the organization and how it is aligned with the organizational goals. It is obvious that only a successful business can provide a promising future for its employees and hence, it is implicit that employees should work in the best interests of the organization.

All work and no fun make a person exhausted and stressed. One has to ensure that health and fitness do not take a back seat while racing towards a better career and growth. One should relax and enjoy personal life with family and friends as well to be the best in one’s career.

Ways to Overcome Obstacles with Ease

If we notice, we find that every successful person has crossed roadblocks and obstacles that make the path towards their goal challenging. Obstacles are omnipresent and it is only that some see opportunities beneath them and some see failure in front of them. It is obvious that obstacles are indeed discouraging and result in loss of precious time and energy and consequently build up a lot of stress and depression in people. However, if observed carefully, every obstacle we face in our life makes us stronger as a person, if we just learn how to overcome it. Obstacles make us accept challenges in life and move ahead with much more determination and guts. Let’s see how we can make the most of the obstacles on the way to our goals.

Analyze: Let’s do first things first. Whenever something is holding us back, we should figure out what is it that is bothering or obstructing us and why. Obstacles could be personal viz. procrastination, lack of motivation, lack of skill, lack of health, and the list could be endless. Obstacles could be social in the form of relationships we share or people who influence us. Obstacles could be hanging around us for time or could just pop up unexpectedly, and however it is, we need to understand what is that exactly holding us back.

Relate: Once we know what is obstructing us, we should be able to easily figure out if it has been there in our path before this and if so, how we dealt with it then. Is the obstruction due to a new environment, change in a relationship, or a new job? Relating an obstacle with our past similar encounters and our endeavors to overcome them is an excellent way to take us a step ahead in defeating the obstacle and move towards our goal as we get an idea whether a previous approach will work for us or not.

Solutions: It is not necessary that solutions that saved us from previous problems will work the same way time and again. Changing times and situations may demand new solutions for even old problems. We should find new ways to look at old problems and remember that challenges are here to make us better and stronger persons. Although we may not be always successful, we would definitely get to learn something every time we fail.

Optimism: We should make conscious efforts to be positive ever and motivate ourselves to fight against the challenges. To succeed in life, it is essential that we stay positive and don’t fear failure. From failures, we should be able to learn lessons and that is our first step to success.

Taking small steps to defeat obstacles in our way is really effective as even the thought of a big task ahead overwhelms us and we may fumble. Taking small steps and that too one at a time is crucial to reach our goals by overcoming the different obstacles and challenges we face in our daily life. One who learns to overcome obstacles will not only succeed but enjoy the success to its fullest.

A Sneak Peek into the Cause of Rise in Demand for Medical Coders

The growing complexity of government regulations and aging population have increased the burden on healthcare facilities to provide quality healthcare and at the same time be transparent in their billings. In this situation, there is a great demand for people in medical coding jobs who are crucial in giving accurate codes to the procedures performed on a patient so as to bill the patient accurately and get reimbursements from the insurance companies on time to maintain the financial health of the facility.

According to the experts in the field, prospects for medical coding professionals are great in the near future as facilities will need more professionals who are exceptionally skilled in ICD -10 codes to provide accurate coding and billing. Although those people in medical coding jobs with coding certifications and experience will have better opportunities with higher salaries, there will be many openings for newbies as well. Medical coding and billing professionals are considered to be a strong supporting system in the US healthcare system that relies heavily on insurance providers and reimbursements as these people bring a whole bunch of benefits with their work like improving patient care, saving money, and improving the efficacy of the system.

Aging population along with the complex ICD-10 codes is one of the major reasons for the increase in the demand for skilled medical coders. A growth in the aging population means there will be an increased need for medical services that increases workload on all kinds of healthcare providers including private practices, home care facilities and outpatient facilities for check-up, testing, and treatment that all need more number of medical coding and billing professionals to process patient records and bills accurately. The other factor contributing to the growth of demand for medical coders is the implementation of ICD – 10 codes that consist of more than 70,000 CM procedure codes and more than 69,000 diagnosis codes. The complexity in using these codes has increased with such a big number of codes to be understood and used appropriately that drives healthcare facilities to either hire medical coders on their own or outsource the medical coding jobs to third parties.

Avontix is one of the best medical coding companies that provide top-notch coding services with a team of experienced and certified medical coders on-board to eliminate the need of hiring, retaining, and managing an in-house coding team by the healthcare practices.

Get Your Pieces Together for a Healthy Revenue Cycle

One of the best ways to verify if your medical billing department is efficient enough is to look at the accounts receivable reports and see the percentage of claims that due over 120 days. Looking at this figure and comparing it with the industry standards will give a pretty good idea of how your revenue cycle management is and if you need to take any corrective measures to improve the performance. You would need to take measures if the percentage is higher than that of the industry which means you are not able to collect the money due to you efficiently. Let us see here, how the issue of due claims over 120 days can be sorted out.

Get the correct start: The process of patient services and the payment of those services start at the front desk. So, it is on the part of the RCM services professionals to ensure that they collect accurate and complete information regarding the patient in the initial stages itself. The details regarding a patient’s insurance and its coverage should be double checked.

Make a financial agreement: It is a good thing to enter into a proper financial agreement with the patient for a healthy revenue cycle management. It makes sense to include collection fees, charges for after-hours advice, and any other kind of collection costs in the financial agreement to ensure you are fully equipped to collect any dues from patients without any hassles.

Understand the claim submission: RCM services professionals should be fully aware of the claim submission procedures and about the clearing houses that process your electronic claims. Not all clearinghouses are the same, and some provide speedy follow-up procedures within their systems. Some clearinghouses even communicate with the insurance companies in real time to cross-check if something is incorrect and send it to you for rectifying the issue.

Get timely follow-up done: RCM services providers should ensure that there is dedicated staff who work on the follow-up of accounts that have receivables. If this task is handed over to the front desk staff, they may not be able to focus on the follow-up of accounts receivables as they have many other pressing duties as well. If not properly followed-up, a facility may lose thousands of dollars in accounts receivables.
Make arrangements for patient collections: The staff should be made accountable to collect the dues from them on time and if they are not able to collect, then arrangements should be made to hand over the task to a collection agency or take a legal action.

There are a lot of things involved in getting claims paid accurately and in time. The entire process of collections that starts at the front desk should be efficiently and effectively handled by experts in the field to avoid losses due to failure in collections. Hiring a proficient RCM services provider is the key to a healthy revenue cycle.

How Can Affirmations be used for Our Improvement?

Affirmation is the word we often come across when we talk or read about matters related to self-improvement and self-confidence. What is an affirmation? Affirmation is a statement with an assertion that something is true. For example, a statement like – “I am feeling good and confident” is an affirmation. Initially, affirmations seem to be silly also but, if properly used, affirmations can be of great help in improving our lives.

In simple words, positive affirmations are positive statements that we repeat to ourselves on a regular basis so that they have a positive impact on us. Affirmations work because they are capable of tuning our mind in believing the concept as the positive statements when repeated often instill positive beliefs in us and we tend to believe in those affirmations which bring a positive change in our thinking and living. There are three key elements that are critical in making positive affirmations work for us.

1.It should be noted that positive affirmations should always be in the present tense so that they get registered in our minds. Using words that represent a time in future will not have much impact on our mind.

2.As the name suggests, positive affirmations should include only positive words. They should not contain any negative words even if the whole sentence or phrase means something positive because it gets difficult for our minds to get over the negative words and transform them into positive ones.

3.These affirmations should be thought of or spoken as statements of truth and not as statements of possibility or probability so as to make them powerful. Words like ‘might’ or ‘could’ should be avoided.

Let’s see how affirmations can be made to work for us.

Use affirmations to fight pessimistic thinking: To fight a problem or identify a solution, we should first understand the core of the problem. So, the first step to bring a change in ourselves with positive affirmations is identifying the problem area or the negative thought that we would like to change. We should be able to make a list of negative thoughts that we want to work on and transform into positive thoughts.

Create positive affirmations: From the list, prioritizing and writing arguments to counter those negative thoughts is essential to create positive affirmations as these are based on the counter-arguments for negative thoughts. We should create positive affirmations using positive words in the present tense and ensure that the affirmations are brief and specific enough to enable us to repeat these several times daily.

Repeat affirmations: Affirmations work for us only when keep repeating them to ourselves daily at regular intervals. Depending on the situations and problem areas we may need to repeat our positive affirmations many times a day and for several days as it will take time for our brain to disconnect from what it has believed all these years of life.

One of the best ways to keep repeating our affirmations is put them in writing at places that are easily visible to us most of the time. Whenever we see the written affirmations, we need to say them to ourselves loudly to get it registered in our mind perfectly. Believing in our strengths and repeating our positive affirmations with perseverance are the key to shun negativity in all aspects and improving our lives.

Choose Healthcare Documentation for Great Prospects

What would an average graduate expect his career would be like? In this competitive world, it is really difficult for a graduate candidate without any specific professional skills to make a rewarding career that would provide a good income with a challenging job. But there is an exception to those who take up the healthcare documentation (medical transcription) profession and become healthcare documentation specialists. Medical transcription is a profession in which a transcriptionist can start earning with a minimum of ten thousand rupees per month and the average salary per annum is around 2, 45,000 rupees. If you are one of those graduates wishing to join this profession to make a great career, get to understand what it is and how people in healthcare documentation jobs work.

Healthcare documentation specialists translate the dictated voice records of doctors and other medical professionals into written reports in a prescribed format. Most of the medical transcriptionists work for hospitals, physician offices, and the healthcare documentation companies that work for the clients in the USA. Although medical transcriptionists work full time, there are many professionals who with their experience and expertise work part-time or work from home. The transcriptionists who work from home can do so as self-employed or work for a company and in both the cases they have flexibility in working hours and can work from the comforts of home without the hassles of commuting to work daily.

The duties of professionals in healthcare documentation jobs can be outlined as below:

Receive, file, and store materials as required.

Accurately transcribing physician’s dictations with all the details of patient visits and test reports.

Use professional reference material as required.

Review and edit the transcribed reports with respect to spellings, grammar, clarity, and consistency to maintain the highest levels of accuracy before sending the final reports to the client.

To become a medical transcriptionist one can join healthcare documentation companies like Avontix that provide training to graduates interested in this field and take them as employees. The training provided includes basics of English grammar and medicine language that are crucial in the medical transcription profession.

7 Habits that Help in Making Friends Easily

One of the greatest healing therapies in the world is friendship because friendship is more than just sharing a few giggles and laughs. One should have at least a few good friends and if possible many good friends to lead a happy social life. Though in childhood we don’t find it difficult to make friends, as we grow up we tend to find it challenging to mingle with new people and make friends. What is that changes as we grow up that it becomes difficult to make friends? The biggest change is that our priorities change from the time we were kids and now, fun is definitely not on our priority lists which were the basic reason we had made friends as children. So, how do we make friends as grown-ups when our priorities are not play-dates and hanging out for fun? Here are a few habits that help us in making friends easily even at an age when we are grappling with numerous personal and professional issues.

1.Realize and overcome the fear of meeting new people. Some of us dread the thought of meeting new people and restrict ourselves to the people and groups that we already are much familiar with. But, to make new friends it is essential that we meet new people as and when we get an opportunity and realize that the fear of meeting new people is only a mental block that can be easily removed with small positive affirmations.

2.Start in a small way by making friends of people who are already acquaintances. The thought of meeting a whole bunch of new people and getting friendly with them intimidates us, which can be conquered by going slow and starting to meet friends and acquaintances more frequently. Meeting a person frequently helps us to understand that person and take a mere acquaintance a step further into friendship.

3.Connect with friends’ friends. To take a step further, get to know friends’ friends whom it is easy to meet as there is a common friend who knows both the parties and can suggest if these people would make friends or not. The comfort levels and bond we share with our friends help us to make a bond with their friends too.

4.Accept invitations to meet new people. By accepting invitations for parties, functions, and any kind of get-togethers, we get a chance to meet new people and make friends. By going out for parties and meetings, we can increase our social circle and thereby let people around us also know that we are ready to mingle.

5.Make the first move. We should understand the fact that there might be people who are just like us, want to mingle but are afraid of making a move. So, it helps us if we can take the first step and reach out to people which will also create a positive impression on others as they see us as friendly persons.

6.Be open and connect with genuine interest. Be open and don’t judge people on their appearances or first impressions. Take enough time to understand others and connect with them over a period of time genuinely to make a lasting friendship.

7.Last but the most important point that helps to make eternal friendships is that we should put all our efforts to stay in touch and be there for our friends when they need us. Meeting in person regularly, or if that is not possible, calling our friends regularly will strengthen our bond for a lifetime.

Surrounding ourselves with friends who cherish our presence in their lives is a great feeling that can be understood only by those who are real friends to somebody. Let us put some efforts to gain friends who are always with us to share our good and not so good days the same way.