Adhere to the Rules in Healthcare Documentation

Recording the procedures and treatment provided to patients in a prescribed format with the help of physician’s dictations is healthcare documentation or medical transcription which is a great means to minimize the workload of physicians. Healthcare documentation has a crucial role in the healthcare industry as it provides an opportunity for the physicians to spend some extra quality time towards patient care rather than documenting their work.

Healthcare documentation jobs require people with exceptional skills in English language and medical terminology. These jobs need the transcriptionists to understand the human anatomy and various terms related to the ailments and their treatments. The medical transcriptionists also need to understand and adhere to certain rules and regulations while transcribing the patient data accurately. Each and every person involved with the healthcare documentation companies should be aware of these rules and abide by them.

Among these rules, the one that takes the topmost priority is the confidentiality of the patient information. The personal and health details of a patient are of private nature and they ought to be kept confidential. People in the healthcare documentation jobs should strictly abide by this rule and safeguard the privacy of patient information. Not just safeguarding the patient private information, but maintaining and honoring the dignity of the patients by understanding their needs and respecting their rights is an absolute necessity. The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), an organization for the betterment of healthcare documentation profession has a code of ethics that consists of standards for the conduct and guidelines or ethical principles for medical transcriptionists. Some of the guidelines by this organization deal with maintaining the confidentiality of patient information, respecting the dignity of all, maintaining set standards in the profession, enhancing professional knowledge and skills, providing timely and accurate services and showing integrity towards the professional practices. Apart from these, it is also absolutely necessary to comply with all the rules and laws related to the profession, such as HIPAA.

Since the profession involves dealing with sensitive patient information, providers offering these services ought to rigidly follow the rules and regulations and avoid being irresponsible and pay penalties for not abiding by these rules.

Conquer the Fear that Holds You Back

FEAR! It is the most to be blamed trait in a person that holds back him/her from improving as a person and achieving success. Success could be related to anything, right from learning a new language to conquering peaks of a mountain. It could be about a change in the job or investing in stocks. There are a myriad of things that are not accomplished by people just because of fear. One important concept that has to be understood by people is that taking a risk and working relentlessly is crucial to achieving any kind of success irrespective of whether it is related to the profession or personal life. But, the major hurdle in taking risk is overcoming the fear that holds you back. Fear pulls you back and makes you reconsider your dreams and prevents you from taking an action that leads you towards your goal.

To conquer fear, it is essential that you understand and identify what you are afraid of and why, by getting a clear picture of what is that exactly making you going haywire. When you are aware of the reason behind your fear, it gets easier to find a solution. Program your brain and build the courage to overcome your fear. Read books that uplift your spirit and develop mantras that can boost your confidence and help you take an action towards conquering fear. Write down positive affirmations for yourself and stick them in a place where you see it often. Believe that you can conquer your fear by thinking so.

Many times we fear things that are imaginary by overanalyzing situations. This happens due to the absence of planning and organization in our life. We can eliminate fear from our lives if we can chalk out detailed and well thought out plans for our life by setting clear goals that are realistic and achievable. There is no scope for fear when we have set certain goals with a perfect action plan. By achieving our small goals we can move ahead for the larger goals of life with ease sans any fear.

One important aspect that needs an alteration in your attitude and working style is moving out of your comfort zone. To get into a zone where you have no more fear of uncertainties and failures, you have to adapt yourself to doing things that frighten you. Get doing one thing daily that frightens you, even if it is of infinitely small nature. Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable also. This way you gain courage on a daily basis and you don’t bother to be held back by any kind of fear.

The Success of any range depends on how fast and how well you can get out of your comfort zone. Even a step daily in running towards your fears and conquering them will prove to be tremendously helpful in the long run.

Get Familiar with CPT Codes

We know that medical coding and medical billing are two of the important behind-the-scenes professions in the healthcare industry and use a variety of code sets to represent the healthcare issues like treatments, and equipment used etc. in a uniform method. Medical coding & billing professionals use ICD codes, HCPCS Level II, and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to transform the healthcare processes into universally accepted codes. In one of our previous articles, we have gone through about the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes. In this article, we shall see what CPT codes are and get familiar with them.

Current Procedural Terminology or CPT is a vast and important code set that is published and maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA). The CPT code set consists of thousands of codes that depict various medical procedures like evaluations, tests, and surgeries. It is vital for the people in medical coding jobs to familiarize themselves with all these codes and use appropriate codes for the different procedures so that the medical billers prepare bills and submit accurate claims. The medical coders have to use CPT codes in conjunction with the ICD codes so as to make it clear for the insurance payers about the medical process.

It is advisable for the professionals in medical coding companies to have the CPT codebook handy which is an inevitable tool for all the medical coders. The CPT codebook is updated annually by the American Medical Association. The CPT codes consist of five digits and have three categories.

Category 1: The category 1 in CPT code set is about the procedures and medical practices most commonly performed. These codes are categorized again into six sections. They are evaluation and management; anesthesiology; surgery; radiology; pathology and laboratory; and medicine.

Category 2: These codes give additional information to the Category 1 codes and are optional. However, these codes provide vital information which is useful in measuring performance and collecting information regarding the quality of care provided.

Category 3: These codes are temporary codes that are used to represent experimental or emerging services, technology, and procedures. The main purpose of these codes is to assess and track the effectiveness of new medical procedures and techniques.

The CPT codes are very crucial in medical coding jobs to describe the kind of procedure that was performed on a patient. One should join a company like Avontix, one of the best medical coding companies in Hyderabad, to gain the best experience in coding profession.

Are Cloud-Based EHRs Beneficial?

Electronic health records have become essential for every healthcare facility and choosing an EHR system is a crucial thing. Healthcare providers have two options to choose from regarding the software – they can host the software on their own network or on an EHR system where it can be accessed through the cloud-based internet. The cloud-based EHR system proves to more beneficial for the small healthcare practices. Here listed are some of the benefits of using this system.

Reduced Infrastructure costs: To use their own network (client-server) the healthcare organization or practice needs to invest huge amounts in purchasing expensive hardware. Along with this investment, the practice even needs to hire IT professionals to set up and then manage this hardware. When a practice adopts a cloud-based system for electronic health records these costs related to the purchase and maintenance of the hardware and software are borne by the EHR vendor or a hosting company. Hence, the infrastructure and IT related costs are reduced when cloud-based system is chosen.

Better cost estimations: There are more chances of a client-server system leading to unpredictable costs when there are issues with the server maintenance. The cloud-based systems with their consistent costs enable the healthcare practice to make their financial projections with better accuracy and confidence as they pay a periodical fee only.

Easy to implement: The process of setting up the system in client-server basis is not only complex but also requires additional investments whenever there is a necessity of scaling up. Whereas with cloud-based systems whenever there is a scale up in the facility it can be easily addressed by contacting the vendor who provides the EHR solutions.

Enhanced data security: EHRs are related to patient information which is to be safeguarded and kept confidential. With the use of cloud-based EHRs, there is no risk of losing the data due to natural calamities and even the cost of storage of the files is reduced. Also, there are enhanced security tools that ensure maintaining the confidentiality of the patient’s private information and transferring the data with no extra cost.

It is advisable for new and small healthcare facilities to adopt the cloud-based EHRs that facilitate in moving away from paper records with reduced costs and offer several benefits.

Cognitive Design in EHRs Facilitate Physicians

Electronic health records are patients’ health records stored in a digital format that have comprehensive information related to a patient’s health that is collected from various healthcare providers including laboratories and specialists. Since the patient history is available online, it is accessible to any physician, specialist, or any other person, including the patient himself, who is authorized to view the data. This is very helpful to provide quality care to patients because even in emergency situations and when the patient is travelling, it is possible to access the patient history easily from the electronic health records.

An EHR system makes the healthcare system more effective and efficient with the benefits it offers. When a healthcare provider adapts to the EHR solutions, the manual patient charts are eliminated and the digital records take their place which are more accurate and are clear to understand. As the records are accessible anywhere and at any time at the fingertips, a lot of money and time is saved as there is no need for unnecessary tests to understand the situation of the patient. Also, it helps in controlling and reducing many medical errors that are caused due to lack of patient history in hand.

However, such a beneficial EHR system is deemed as a reason for burnout among the physicians. Many people even argue this could lead to some other issues in a healthcare facility like dissatisfaction among patients due to the lackluster attitude of physicians and increased medical errors. According to experts in the field, one the major reasons for such a burnout among the physicians while using an EHR system is the lack of a structure in the presentation of information collected. It is found that physicians cannot understand the information provided in the records very easily. It is argued by many physicians that technology should ease the work of physicians but not overload them with further work that takes away their valuable time and reduces their productivity.

So, what’s the solution for this situation? The EHR solution of a healthcare practice should be modified according to its needs by adopting a cognitive design. Physicians need a system that is not cluttered and provides relevant information without detracting them from their effectiveness. The system should be simple and make the relevant data easily accessible while fading the less relevant information.

With EHRs becoming mandatory for all healthcare facilities, it is imperative for them to adapt to a system that helps them perform more efficiently and effectively rather than exhausting them. Avontix provides the best EHR solutions for its ASC clients.

4 Credible Ways to Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare industry is vastly different from the other businesses and hence faces a lot more challenges than the other industries in managing its complicated revenue cycle. The waning reimbursement rates of the claims and the dynamic health policies make it challenging for the healthcare industry managers to improve the financial health of the facilities by maintaining a healthy revenue cycle management. The difficulties of hospitals and healthcare facilities in the revenue cycle management are due to the fact that the consumers of this industry rely a lot on insurance providers for the improvement of their health. The facilities have to interact with numerous insurance providers so as to get full reimbursements for the services provided and this is a complicated task. However, by implementing these credible approaches, the healthcare facilities can achieve excellence in the management of their revenue cycles.

Collect patient financial responsibility: It is seen that high-deductible health plans are more dominant in the insurance market that increase the financial responsibility of the patients. According to the RCM services professionals, there are reports which indicate that almost 50% of the patients do not pay their medical bills completely. In such a scenario, it is of utmost significance to collect the patient financial responsibility amount upfront. For this purpose, the RCM service providers can give the options of payment either at the point-of-service or before the service. To successfully implement this strategy, it is required that the healthcare facilities offer the financial estimates of their responsibility before or at the point-of-service. The healthcare organizations can get the cost estimates by adopting certain software tools.

Implement automation of prior authorizations: Many insurance providers are increasing the requirements for prior authorization and coverage eligibility to avoid and reduce unavoidable costs for the providers. This has led to an increase in troubles for the healthcare organizations’ revenue cycles. To eliminate the burden of administrative costs involved in the prior authorizations and coverage eligibility verifications, RCM services professionals insist that these tasks can be automated instead of using the manual processes. It is estimated that many times the pre-authorization processes delay the care procedures. Hence, by automating the prior-authorization and eligibility verification processes the healthcare facilities and insurance providers can work seamlessly towards providing better and faster care to patients.

Let’s look at the other two approaches that healthcare facilities have to implement to achieve excellence in their revenue cycle management in our next article.

An Intro to Healthcare Documentation Career

If you are a graduate and looking for a career that is challenging and at the same time gives a sense of satisfaction of working for the betterment of humankind through work in the healthcare industry, healthcare documentation is the right choice for you. Healthcare documentation also more popularly known as medical transcription is a great career option for not only young graduates but also those who are looking for a change in the career. Let us know what exactly this career is about and what healthcare documentation specialists do.

When patients visit physicians for any reason in a hospital, clinic or physician office, the physicians examine the patients and dictate the information regarding the patient history, the reason for the visit, diagnosis, any procedures and lab tests performed etc. The process of transcribing the physician dictated records into a prescribed format is referred as healthcare documentation. The dictated voice files have heavy usage of medical terminology and have a lot of variation in the accents of the various physicians. The doctors dictate the patient information in a flow and the transcribers have to take care of the spellings and formatting so as to reproduce that information as a perfect medical transcription report.

Healthcare documentation jobs are neither that easy as they seem to be nor as tough as people tend to think. These jobs require training that can be acquired in a span of 2-3 months initially. Later on like any other job, with experience, the nuances of this profession can be learnt. To become a medical transcriptionist one has to have good knowledge of English and medical terminology. The English language is usually learnt by many during school and college education. Even if one is not very good in the English language, the listening and writing skills can be improved with a little bit of effort. Anyone with excellent hearing skills and a good understanding of grammar and punctuation can become a medical transcriptionist with sufficient training in medical terminology. The medical terminology includes the words related to human anatomy, various conditions, and procedures related to the human body. Although the medicine language for the purposes of medical transcription can be learnt by anyone, it is much easier for those with a background in life sciences. There are many institutes or healthcare documentation companies that give training for medical transcription.

Healthcare documentation jobs are a right choice for people who not irked by the thought of working long hours with minimal interaction with others. Avontix, is one of the best healthcare documentation companies in Hyderabad, that provide excellent training to its employees and give amazing growth opportunities.

Understanding New Patient in Medical Coding

There are countless diseases and ailments that are faced by humans daily which are diagnosed and treated by physicians all around the world. To facilitate understanding these ailments and study how people can be provided good quality healthcare, the different ailments and treatments are given certain codes that are internationally acceptable. This process of transforming healthcare diagnoses, procedures, and medical services into universally acceptable alpha-numeric codes is called medical coding. The professionals who do this work are medical coders and the information for medical coding is collected from the medical transcription reports and other healthcare documents.

An important aspect of coding is, deciding if a patient is new or established. It is significant to distinguish between an established and a new patient to assign appropriate evaluation and management (E/M) codes, comply with the coding guidelines, and get accurate reimbursements for the services provided. For this purpose, it is important to understand who is a new patient. So, how do people in medical coding jobs know if a patient is new or established? Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is a popular medical code set that is widely accepted and according to its guidelines the new and established patients are defined. Even before deciding on if a patient is new or not, it important for coders in the medical coding companies to understand what is a professional service. In the context of evaluation and management codes, professional services are those face-to-face services provided by physicians or any qualified healthcare professionals who report E/M services reported by CPT codes.

Per the CPT guidelines, a patient who has not received any professional services from a physician or a qualified healthcare professional of the exact same specialty and sub-specialty belonging to the same group practice within the last three years is called a new patient. Also, an interpretation of a lab test etc. in the absence of an E/M service or a face-to-face service will not affect the designation of a new patient. Here it is to be understood that if a patient becomes an established patient with a healthcare professional in a group practice, the patient becomes an established patient with all the physicians and healthcare professionals in that specialty or sub-specialty of the group. However, if a physician is new to the group practice, and sees an established patient of the group, then the patient may be considered a new patient for the purposes of physician billing.

Only with proper training and experience can the people in medical coding jobs identify a new patient properly. This is because in some cases, a patient may be classified as new by two providers of the same group if they are seeing the patient for different reasons and the providers belong to different specialties. For the best on-the-job training and experience join Avontix, one of the best medical coding companies in Hyderabad

Welcome Monsoon!

After months of scorching heat, the monsoon that brings in cooling showers is a great delight. The cool breezes, the dark clouds, and the blossoming greenery around us make us crave for the earliest onset of monsoon. Monsoons not only bring a whiff of freshness but also bring the harshness of diseases. It’s pretty common that with changes in the weather many people get affected by cold, cough, and allied ailments. There are also increased chances of water contamination and proliferation of mosquitoes and insects that cause many infections and diseases. With little caution and effort, we all can enjoy a safe and healthy monsoon season. Let’s see how we can do that.

Drink plenty of water: Ensure drinking properly filtered water so as to evade the water-borne diseases that are a result of contaminated water. It’s very common that people tend to lessen drinking water in the rainy season, as they don’t feel thirsty. Irrespective of activity levels, we should drink enough water to keep the body properly hydrated. It’s even better if we can drink warm water and if our taste buds demand, we can have herbal teas that are good for health as well. But, caffeinated drinks are a strict NO.

Take a healthy diet: The primary route to a healthy life is a healthy diet. We can enjoy hot chai and pakodi made at home but staying away from street food is essential. Go for the fresh home-cooked food and preferably when it’s still hot to savor the flavor.

Avoid walking in rainwater: Ensuring we carry an umbrella or raincoat with us always will protect us from the unexpected downpour and the associated ailments resulting from getting drenched. Having a pair of clothes in our office is a great idea and will save our day in case we get drenched badly. We all get tempted to walk in the rain waters but we should restrain from doing so. Wet feet and nails make us prone to certain viral infections, so, we should not stay in wet socks or shoes for a long time. Try to avoid staying in wet clothes or hair for a long time and don’t get into air-conditioned rooms in such a state.

Take a bath: Making it a habit to take the shower as soon as we are home after being out for a while or after getting drenched in rain is really good because taking a bath helps in getting our body to normal temperature and also it acts against the sweat and dirt accumulated due to humidity.

Being a little careful will help us in enjoying a wonderful monsoon that breathes life into our exhausted bodies after the harsh summer. Welcome monsoon!!

Fabulous Reasons to Choose Medical Coding Career

Medical coding and billing are two careers which seem to look very similar but are not so in reality. Medical coding deals with assigning internationally accepted codes to the treatment and services provided to patients. These codes are alpha-numeric and are helpful in generating bills for services provided to patients so as get reimbursement from various insurance companies. Where the insurance coverage is not sufficient or the procedure is not covered by the insurance provider, the patient has to clear the bills out of his pocket. All these matters related to the generation of a bill and receiving the amount from patients or insurance provider are a part of medical billing jobs. Are you interested in these careers and want to know why your decision to get into the career of medical coding is right? Here are some reasons that support your decision.

Healthcare jobs: Not everyone in this world who is not a doctor can boast of a career that saves lives every other day. One of the interesting and luring factors to make a career in this field is the satisfaction of working in the healthcare industry. Medical billing and coding professionals work very hard to minimize costs for the facility and eliminate medical mistakes that help in providing free flow of patient history so as to provide better care.

No need for medical school: Everyone knows how expensive medical education is and how difficult it is to become a doctor. Those who could not get into the medical profession can opt for this career to work in the medical field making a difference to the patients’ lives. Medical coding jobs usually require training that can be completed in less than a year and don’t even require huge amounts of investment.

Help patients: Medical coding jobs and billing jobs are those that give you the benefit of helping patients without the need of working with them directly. The medical coders and billers work in the background dealing with patient records to ensure that the patients get their accurate bills.

Flexible working options: Medical coders enjoy great freedom of flexible timings and the option to work from home. Whether you are a morning person or a night person, you will have plenty of employment opportunities and at the same time you, can even work from home if you are experienced and have the required expertise.

Medical coding professionals enjoy the feel of working in the medical industry and also have the luxury of shift flexibility and working from home. If you are curious to become one, join Avontix, one of the best medical coding companies in Hyderabad.