7 Habits that Help in Making Friends Easily

One of the greatest healing therapies in the world is friendship because friendship is more than just sharing a few giggles and laughs. One should have at least a few good friends and if possible many good friends to lead a happy social life. Though in childhood we don’t find it difficult to make friends, as we grow up we tend to find it challenging to mingle with new people and make friends. What is that changes as we grow up that it becomes difficult to make friends? The biggest change is that our priorities change from the time we were kids and now, fun is definitely not on our priority lists which were the basic reason we had made friends as children. So, how do we make friends as grown-ups when our priorities are not play-dates and hanging out for fun? Here are a few habits that help us in making friends easily even at an age when we are grappling with numerous personal and professional issues.

1.Realize and overcome the fear of meeting new people. Some of us dread the thought of meeting new people and restrict ourselves to the people and groups that we already are much familiar with. But, to make new friends it is essential that we meet new people as and when we get an opportunity and realize that the fear of meeting new people is only a mental block that can be easily removed with small positive affirmations.

2.Start in a small way by making friends of people who are already acquaintances. The thought of meeting a whole bunch of new people and getting friendly with them intimidates us, which can be conquered by going slow and starting to meet friends and acquaintances more frequently. Meeting a person frequently helps us to understand that person and take a mere acquaintance a step further into friendship.

3.Connect with friends’ friends. To take a step further, get to know friends’ friends whom it is easy to meet as there is a common friend who knows both the parties and can suggest if these people would make friends or not. The comfort levels and bond we share with our friends help us to make a bond with their friends too.

4.Accept invitations to meet new people. By accepting invitations for parties, functions, and any kind of get-togethers, we get a chance to meet new people and make friends. By going out for parties and meetings, we can increase our social circle and thereby let people around us also know that we are ready to mingle.

5.Make the first move. We should understand the fact that there might be people who are just like us, want to mingle but are afraid of making a move. So, it helps us if we can take the first step and reach out to people which will also create a positive impression on others as they see us as friendly persons.

6.Be open and connect with genuine interest. Be open and don’t judge people on their appearances or first impressions. Take enough time to understand others and connect with them over a period of time genuinely to make a lasting friendship.

7.Last but the most important point that helps to make eternal friendships is that we should put all our efforts to stay in touch and be there for our friends when they need us. Meeting in person regularly, or if that is not possible, calling our friends regularly will strengthen our bond for a lifetime.

Surrounding ourselves with friends who cherish our presence in their lives is a great feeling that can be understood only by those who are real friends to somebody. Let us put some efforts to gain friends who are always with us to share our good and not so good days the same way.