A Sneak Peek into the Cause of Rise in Demand for Medical Coders

The growing complexity of government regulations and aging population have increased the burden on healthcare facilities to provide quality healthcare and at the same time be transparent in their billings. In this situation, there is a great demand for people in medical coding jobs who are crucial in giving accurate codes to the procedures performed on a patient so as to bill the patient accurately and get reimbursements from the insurance companies on time to maintain the financial health of the facility.

According to the experts in the field, prospects for medical coding professionals are great in the near future as facilities will need more professionals who are exceptionally skilled in ICD -10 codes to provide accurate coding and billing. Although those people in medical coding jobs with coding certifications and experience will have better opportunities with higher salaries, there will be many openings for newbies as well. Medical coding and billing professionals are considered to be a strong supporting system in the US healthcare system that relies heavily on insurance providers and reimbursements as these people bring a whole bunch of benefits with their work like improving patient care, saving money, and improving the efficacy of the system.

Aging population along with the complex ICD-10 codes is one of the major reasons for the increase in the demand for skilled medical coders. A growth in the aging population means there will be an increased need for medical services that increases workload on all kinds of healthcare providers including private practices, home care facilities and outpatient facilities for check-up, testing, and treatment that all need more number of medical coding and billing professionals to process patient records and bills accurately. The other factor contributing to the growth of demand for medical coders is the implementation of ICD – 10 codes that consist of more than 70,000 CM procedure codes and more than 69,000 diagnosis codes. The complexity in using these codes has increased with such a big number of codes to be understood and used appropriately that drives healthcare facilities to either hire medical coders on their own or outsource the medical coding jobs to third parties.

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