Common Challenges in Medical Coding

Anything that has significance and is crucial for the running of a smooth business is not easy to implement. One such process in a healthcare organization set up is the medical coding process. It is a critical process that facilitates accurate medical billing and thus brings appropriate revenues to a healthcare facility. People who choose medical coding jobs have a challenging career ahead that requires a great amount of dedication and an eye for detail. This field is apt for those who are willing to take challenges and work hard. Here mentioned are few challenges faced in the medical coding field that can be overcome with diligence and vigilance.

Learning codes: There are more than 70000 codes that are part of the ICD-10 code list. Apart from the need to learn medical terminology and human anatomy to understand various medical cases, a person in medical coding jobs needs to learn all these codes and use them appropriately. It takes a lot of efforts to get acquainted with these thousands of codes and mastering them.

Eye for detail: For a new medical coder it is extremely difficult to familiarize and memorize thousands of codes and at the same time use them appropriately with critical thinking. A medical coder has to look at different documents for the necessary information and arrive at an appropriate code by putting all pieces together with attention to detail.

Critical thinking: One of the most complicated aspects of medical coding is giving codes to complex medical conditions. It is a fact that each patient is unique and each patient’s condition is unique. So, most of the cases are complex in nature and it is the job of a medical coding professional to collect the maximum data possible including symptoms, medical history, and past treatments from various sources and transform this data into codes as prescribed. It is crucial that the codes given to various ailments and procedures performed are accurate as the billing and reimbursement for the services provided depends on the medical codes given.

Staying current with updates: Understanding and giving appropriate codes effectively that bring in timely revenues is a huge task due to the regular updates in ICD-10 codes. Medical coders have to update themselves with not just ICD-10 codes, but the latest news regarding medical conditions, human anatomy, and the technical terminology as well. ICD codes are updated annually and it is quite a challenge to keep up on these changes regularly.

Even all these challenges don’t matter to those people who are interested in accepting challenges and love working like detectives with a knack for detail. Join Avontix, one of the top medical coding companies in Hyderabad for a challenging and rewarding career.