Greenery! To Elevate Your Mood

The most common method of elevating one’s mood when stressed out or depressed is mingling with the Mother Nature. Getting nearer to nature improves our health, morale, and even efficiency in our work. We all generally work around 45-50 hours a week in our office and hence, our office environment has a lot of influence on our health, peacefulness, and performance. So, bringing in some greenery to our space has a mindboggling effect on our happiness and productivity.

Greenery Helps!

It has been established through studies that nature provides excellent stress relief and greatly enhances productivity. Having plants in the office premises not only elevates the décor aspect but also considerably improves air quality and boosts our health. Plants are great stress busters and are also known to improve creativity and attention spans.

It’s often found that the poor quality of indoor air in offices leads to a lot of health issues like a headache, cold and cough, and fatigue. So, even a small indoor plant in our office can add color to our space and spice up our work routine.

Let’s check on some indoor plants that can bring in some freshness and color to our workspace.

Aloe Vera: This plant is well-known for its air-purifying quality and medicinal properties. This plant requires sunlight so it can be placed in any window or an area that gets sufficient sunlight.

Areca Palm: This plant doesn’t need direct sunlight and can be grown anywhere. It can grow up to 5-7 feet in indoors and looks great.

Indian Basil/Tulasi: We all know the medicinal properties of Tulasi and it doesn’t even need great maintenance. It will thrive well in places where direct sunlight is abundant, so the best place for this a sunny window.

Snake plant: This plant is an excellent air-purifier and survives the best in low light and humid places.
Golden Pothos/ Money plant: This is one plant that is easy to grow in both soil and water and is also an excellent air-purifier.

Peace Lily: Very easy to maintain, this plant requires just shade and watering once a week. All indoor places that receive a little indirect sunlight and stay cool are apt for this plant.

By having some plants in the office environment, the air quality of the office can be improved and a pleasant atmosphere is created that helps reduce stress and increases productivity.