How Can Affirmations be used for Our Improvement?

Affirmation is the word we often come across when we talk or read about matters related to self-improvement and self-confidence. What is an affirmation? Affirmation is a statement with an assertion that something is true. For example, a statement like – “I am feeling good and confident” is an affirmation. Initially, affirmations seem to be silly also but, if properly used, affirmations can be of great help in improving our lives.

In simple words, positive affirmations are positive statements that we repeat to ourselves on a regular basis so that they have a positive impact on us. Affirmations work because they are capable of tuning our mind in believing the concept as the positive statements when repeated often instill positive beliefs in us and we tend to believe in those affirmations which bring a positive change in our thinking and living. There are three key elements that are critical in making positive affirmations work for us.

1.It should be noted that positive affirmations should always be in the present tense so that they get registered in our minds. Using words that represent a time in future will not have much impact on our mind.

2.As the name suggests, positive affirmations should include only positive words. They should not contain any negative words even if the whole sentence or phrase means something positive because it gets difficult for our minds to get over the negative words and transform them into positive ones.

3.These affirmations should be thought of or spoken as statements of truth and not as statements of possibility or probability so as to make them powerful. Words like ‘might’ or ‘could’ should be avoided.

Let’s see how affirmations can be made to work for us.

Use affirmations to fight pessimistic thinking: To fight a problem or identify a solution, we should first understand the core of the problem. So, the first step to bring a change in ourselves with positive affirmations is identifying the problem area or the negative thought that we would like to change. We should be able to make a list of negative thoughts that we want to work on and transform into positive thoughts.

Create positive affirmations: From the list, prioritizing and writing arguments to counter those negative thoughts is essential to create positive affirmations as these are based on the counter-arguments for negative thoughts. We should create positive affirmations using positive words in the present tense and ensure that the affirmations are brief and specific enough to enable us to repeat these several times daily.

Repeat affirmations: Affirmations work for us only when keep repeating them to ourselves daily at regular intervals. Depending on the situations and problem areas we may need to repeat our positive affirmations many times a day and for several days as it will take time for our brain to disconnect from what it has believed all these years of life.

One of the best ways to keep repeating our affirmations is put them in writing at places that are easily visible to us most of the time. Whenever we see the written affirmations, we need to say them to ourselves loudly to get it registered in our mind perfectly. Believing in our strengths and repeating our positive affirmations with perseverance are the key to shun negativity in all aspects and improving our lives.