Importance of Proofreading in Healthcare Documentation

Healthcare documentation specialists work hard enough and fast to get their work done and provide the valuable transcription reports quickly so that the physicians can provide accurate quality care to the patients based on the reports. In this process, the transcriptionists often give importance to speed and over the time, tend to lose track of accuracy in their reports. However, maintaining accuracy in the transcription reports is as mandatory as maintaining the turnaround time. Healthcare documentation plays a critical role in the healthcare industry as it facilitates the rendering of the physicians’ dictated reports in prescribed formats that are later used by physicians, medical coders etc. Thus, to maintain accuracy at the highest standards, the healthcare documentation companies not only need to train their employees for perfection but also need to delegate the critical duty of proofreading to some of the most experienced and skilled transcriptionists.

Proofreading the transcription reports before finally sending them out to the clients helps in reducing errors and thereby the chance of losing valuable clients. By improving the proofreading skills, healthcare documentation specialists can streamline their work and prove their proficiency in the subject which helps them reach newer heights in their career. With good accuracy levels and experience, transcriptionists can even get to their next role as proofreaders or quality analysts. A proofreader is a part of the quality assurance team that takes care of the accuracy and quality levels of the transcription reports before sending them to the clients. A quality assurance team works at different levels to ensure that the highest standards of accuracy are achieved and a proofreader is an important part in this team that double-checks the documents with his/her experience and skill set. A proofreader listens to the audio file again, that was the base for the transcription report, to identify and rectify any mistakes. Also, the proofreaders fill out any blanks left by the transcriptionists.

Proofreading is really important in healthcare documentation jobs as the transcriptionists work with audio files of the physicians that could be of- low quality, with a difficult accent of the physicians, with disturbances and noises, unusual names of people and places, and with complicated medical terminology. Errors are bound to happen when transcriptionists transcribe the audio files with all such difficulties and therefore able proofreaders are required to rectify these errors to send flawless reports to the clients.