Is it worth slowing down a bit?

Are you one among those who think that doing things faster is the way to getting things done and achieving success? If so, are you able to jump ahead of the traffic in front you? Are you able to get things on your table according to your time preferences in a restaurant? Do you get responses for your emails and messages as and when you send them? Most probably the answers to all these questions would be in negation. Doing things faster doesn’t add quality to life and rather makes your life hectic and leads to burnout.

Yes, we all agree that some things need to be done as quickly as possible according to the circumstances and the results expected. But, working in haste always will only lead to stress and exhaustion that many people do not recognize. They feel that by working fast they can wrap up a task on hand quickly and move on to the next one, thereby getting more time to do multiple things. Of course, this method may work for some, but not all. Very few people can work quickly and at the same time efficiently. By far, a majority of the people can’t work efficiently and produce effective results when they work fast. Doing things quickly increases the chances of errors and we may tend to miss on certain minute details that make a vast difference to the job being done.

It is noticed in many people that when they slow down a little bit and work with full focus, the end result is far better than the one when we work in haste. Reasons to slow down are plenty and we shall discuss a few of them.

Rational thinking: We can be confident enough and make decisions with logical thinking when we are not rushing towards finishing tasks. It is always suggested to make decisions after a careful thought process rather than jumping at conclusions. We can work confidently towards a target once the decision is made rationally after proper thought.

Fewer mistakes: Working at a slow pace gives enough time to think and act that eliminates the scope of preventable mistakes and makes our work much efficient. Fewer mistakes mean no need for reworking on the same task which is inevitable in case the task is done quickly where there are more chances of errors.

Reduce stress: Working at a great speed might be enjoyable for some, but for many people, it induces a lot of stress. Upon that, a need to rework may arise because of errors that again add up to the stress levels. Taking enough time and getting things done will reduce stress and lead to better productivity.

Realizing that not everything can be done swiftly and patience gives confidence to us and improves our efficiency is important to be successful. Confidence makes us a better person as we are perceived to be competent and smart that are the characteristics of a successful person.