Quick Tips to Help the Remote Medical Coders

Although there are many professions and career options in this world, there are few that give the benefit of working from home with a fixed income regularly like any other job. Medical coding is one of those few professions that offer this benefit and it’s an amazing career option for those who want to work in the healthcare industry. But, can all those who aspire to be medical coders work from home? No. Not all get the chance of working from home straight away. Before giving the flexibility of working remotely, most of the medical coding companies or healthcare facilities that hire the medical coders expect them to work for them in their offices for some time. In some rare cases depending on the experience and expertise levels, some coders may directly get the chance of working remotely. Here are some quick tips for the people in medical coding jobs who are looking for a flexible working option.

Impressive resume: The first thing that employers look at when hiring candidates is the resume. So, it is required that the medical coders craft a flawless and impressive resume while applying for the medical coding jobs. Candidates should give all the experience details along with the coding credentials they have acquired without any misses.

Job clarity: At the time of the interview itself, the coders should ask the employer a few questions and get clarity on the role they are going to play in the organization. They should ask the interviewer regarding the guidelines related to the assignment and assessment of the work given to them. They should also be able to get a clear picture of the expectations of the employer and the ways to reach them along with the details of people whom they have to report to and can get feedback from.

Employment status: Many organizations give flexible working conditions to those who work on a contractual basis without the benefits that are given to regular employees. So, it is best to get clarity on the employment status and get into the obligation.

Clear communication: Communication is the key to success in any profession and it is all the more important for coders who work remotely. The remote coders need to ensure that they are immediately available to their reporting managers and office staff in their working hours. They should also ensure that they respond to any kind of phone or email communication within a maximum of 4-5 hours regarding any work-related queries the reporting manager or client may have.

Office setup: One of the most important factors affecting a medical coding professional working from home is the work atmosphere. One should make sure that they have all the equipment and software required to work far off from an office. Verifying if the office provides a computer, peripherals, and software or one has to procure them on own is also essential to establish a remote workstation that is vital to work efficiently.

If you are one looking for a coding career with the flexibility to work remotely whether full-time or part-time and wish to see yourself working comfortably from home, join one of the best medical coding companies that provide good training and ample scope for growth to work.

Healthcare Trends to Watch

With the New Year come new expectations and new hopes in every sphere of life. Healthcare industry is no exception and there are changes that are expected to happen this year in all departments including the maintenance of electronic health records. Here are certain things that physicians and healthcare facilities are expecting from EHR solutions this year. A number of innovative software solutions are hitting the market that promise to bring efficiencies into the work of physicians and healthcare practices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fields that are gaining momentum in the healthcare industry. Artificial Intelligence robotics is being used extensively in caregiving. Apart from caregiving AI is being also used in improving the speed and accuracy of medical diagnosis wherein the AI tools help to analyze large amounts of data at a faster pace facilitating accurate diagnoses by the doctors. Also, AI is being used in research and development of new drugs and exploring chemical and biological interactions.

Technological advances have led to an increase in the amount of data being stored safely and securely. Not only storage of data, but the analysis of that data is becoming easier with the use of big data and analytics tools. These tools facilitate gathering, processing, and analyzing large chunks of data that doctors and other healthcare professionals can use for quicker diagnosis and decision making regarding treatment.

is another result of technological advancements that improve access to healthcare for patients even in remote and rural areas through which patients can avail specialists’ services with ease.

Virtual reality and augmented reality help provide improved care to patients by creating artificially created surroundings and images that can be layered on real objects. Both these procedures are really helpful in emergency response, prevention of conditions, complicated surgeries, and medical education.

These are some of the trends that can be seen in this year prominently and can shape a better and optimistic future for the healthcare industry. While all these trends can help physicians provide better care, what makes their work get recorded accurately and completely for their own use, patients’ use and future analyses is the implementation of the best EHR systems in the facilities.

Detoxification – The Perfect Route to Wellness

The mundane urban life trapped in stress and unknown insanity is making us run for solutions that can get us out of this situation. The stressful life coupled with unhealthy eating and sleeping habits has only created an imbalance in our bodies that if not cured timely can cause a wide range of illnesses and diseases. One word that we are getting to listen to more often these days as a solution to this problem is – detoxification.

What is detoxification?

It is a process by which our body gets rid of toxic and waste materials inside us so that we are not deprived of our wellness due to the internal impurities resulting in burnout and other diseases. In other words, it is a metabolic process that cleanses and nourishes the body by eliminating the unwanted toxins and supplementing it with necessary nutrients so as to restore physical energy, boost mental strength, and ultimately improve total health. So, now the question is, can we detoxify in natural ways? The answer is a ‘Yes’. Let us see how we can do that.

Natural Ways to Detoxify:

1.Organic life: Taking the organic path and eating fresh and clean vegetables and fruits in our daily diet is the best way to detoxify. Deep fried, processed, and packaged foods that we consume regularly are a major reason for toxins in our body and avoiding this kind of food is essential to not accumulate toxins in our body which is better than trying to get rid of them after accumulating.

2.Adequate water: Water is one of the best natural remedies to get rid of toxins in our body. Ensuring to consume a minimum of 4-5 liters of water daily helps in kicking out the impurities in the easiest way possible.

3.Exercising: One thing that not only helps in maintaining a good physique but also helps in maintaining good internal health is exercising. Regular exercise in any form that makes us sweat is good enough to expel the toxins that get accumulated in our skin to due to various pollutions and harsh sun rays.

4.Fasting: One of the easiest and best natural remedies of detoxifying that many Indians follow knowingly or unknowingly is fasting. Fasting periodically gives a much-needed break to the digestive system and helps in revitalizing the body functioning.

Detoxification is crucial for everybody as it balances the body by eliminating the unwanted impurities that are accumulated as a result of the consumption of junk food, processed food, wrong eating habits, environmental pollutants etc.

Tips for the Novice Medical Billers

Medical coding and medical billing play a critical role in a healthcare facility’s revenue cycle management and professionals in the medical billing department ought to be really alert and perform their job with utmost care so that there are minimal chances of errors and their resultant claim denials. Here given are some of the tips from experienced billers that can help the novice billers to a great extent in understanding and performing their tasks with ease.

Get all the vital information at check-in to have complete information handy when necessary and avoid any kind of hassles in collecting payments. Every piece of information regarding patient demographics, details regarding patient identification, a copy of insurance plan etc. should be collected at the time of patient arrival without any fail. Any wrong information related to the insurance plan may result in claim rejections and denials that prove to be bad for revenue cycle management.

It is important for every medical biller to check patient benefits before processing bills and submitting claims to insurance companies. It should be verified if there are any deductibles, co-insurance responsibilities or copayments that need to be collected from the patient and if the patient is eligible for any of these; it has to be collected from the patient prior to admission only. It should also be cross-checked if any procedures need prior-authorization from the insurance payers and if it is required all the necessary work should be done without fail.

Verifying the documentation of the procedures performed is a critical aspect because any kind of flaw or incomplete data in the claims will pose a threat of denial of claims. Hence, RCM services experts suggest reviewing the documentation as soon as possible for any omissions or mistakes and getting it rectified by contacting the physicians. This will help in submitting claims as soon as possible and within 72 hours.

Enhance communication skills to get friendly with different people whom you need to interact with on a daily basis. Claims may directly go the insurance payers or to the clearing houses and get stuck there for various reasons. To get the claims reimbursed appropriately you need to communicate well and resolve the issues, so being nice to others is equally important.

Setting aside a part of each day to review the accounts receivables and following up on them is crucial to becoming proficient at medical billing. One should ensure if all the claims have been properly filed and all the submitted claims have been appropriately received. Set a system to monitor the accounts receivables and resolve their issues.

Along with all these tips, another important thing that has to be followed is acquainting well with the payer contracts and the regulations so that there is no flaw while submitting claims. To submit claims without errors and get full reimbursements on time, healthcare facilities need to partner with the best RCM services provider.

Tips to Use PowerPoint Presentation Effectively

PowerPoint presentation is one thing that is equally used for educational purposes and business purposes. PowerPoint is a software application with built-in graphics and tools that facilitates users to create striking visual presentations that can be used for various occasions like meetings, training etc. Let us look at some tips that can be used to make effective presentations at our office meetings and training sessions.

Make a plan: Before creating the PowerPoint presentation it is better to make a plan of the presentation with details of what is going to be said in it. It helps to a great extent if you can write out what you want to present in the slides. The slides should be prepared with an exciting beginning, middle, and end parts that are awaited eagerly by the viewers.

Focus on one point: While making slides it has to be remembered that at any particular point of time, there should be only one thing on the screen that you want to talk about. If you have different things to speak about, go slow and talk about one thing at a time. If you put multiple things in a slide, the audience will not concentrate on what you are saying and would jump to next points even before you finish the first point. An important aspect that has to be taken note of is that as a presenter you should be able to give information as you prefer and make your audience follow your thoughts.

Avoid paragraphs: A big mistake done by many presenters is that they fill their slides with big paragraphs when the basic idea of preparing slides is to show the audience the main idea of the presentation or give them an outline of your presentation through the slides. Never ever fill your slides with lengthy paragraphs and read from them which is the sure shot way to fail in giving a presentation.

Be careful with font: Use a font like Arial, Calibri, or Sans Serifs that are easy to read on screen for the main content or body text. If essential, choose a decorative font for slide headers but only if they too are easy to read on screens.

Use colors thoughtfully: You should choose the colors of background and font carefully after giving it considerable thought. When a dark color is used for the background, the text font should be light to ensure it is readable. However, it is advisable to use only light colors for background and use dark colors for the text part unless and until a dark background is a standard template for your business.

Check the alignment: Every slide should be properly formatted with either a left or right alignment to give the presentation a professional image.

Avoid clutter: To make the most of a PowerPoint presentation it is essential that you stick to the concept of minimal content and avoid any kind of clutter.

Use images in moderation: Some people think that images create interest among the audience and some people think images distract the audience from the core topic. Hence, it is ‘you’ who has to decide if images are absolutely necessary to drive the point accurately or not.

Present smartly: Although PowerPoint slides help you in your presentation they are not the actual presentation and it is ‘you’ who has to present the slides to the audience. To make your presentation an effective one, focus on your communication skills, body language, and presentation manner. Make your presentation a memorable and effective one by making it a two-way communication rather than showcasing your oratory skills.

These are some tips to up your PowerPoint presentation skills and create slideshows that can be easily created, updated, and even effectively showcased to induce visual interest in the audience

Things to Know About Medical Coders and Billers

To optimize the revenue cycle of healthcare practice, it requires experts in medical coding and medical billing professions. The medical coders and billers are an integral part of every healthcare practice as they perform the job of assigning universally acceptable codes to the diagnoses and treatments provided to the patients; and send the medical claims to insurance providers to get full reimbursements for the services provided. The job of a medical coding professional is really complex with the task of translating physician notes, lab reports, and radiology results while ensuring compliance with laws of the land and safeguarding patient health information. Here are some things about medical coding jobs that, wannabe medical coders would want to know.

They are tasked with the review of the medical transcription reports and other available reports to assign standard codes to the patients’ diagnoses and treatment procedures using the ICD -10 and CPT codes. These codes are later on used by medical billers to process the claims and get timely reimbursements for the services provided.

A healthcare facility can decide if it wants to combine the tasks of coding and billing to make it a single branch or let them be two separate branches. However the work is done, it has t be assured that the facility gets proper payments on time without any denials or rejections.

AAPC that provides education and certification to medical coders in order to elevate the standards of medical coders has 180,000 members currently.

People in medical coding jobs are not just employed in the clinic and hospital settings. They can get employed in various places. Hospitals and physicians’ offices definitely need medical coders to assign the accurate codes to the services provided by them. Along with these, dermatology and dental clinics also need the services of medical coders to process their billing and insurance claims.

Many healthcare consulting services specializing in IT help healthcare providers with their problem-solving solutions also employ medical coders in designing, developing, and implementing their solutions. Medical coders with adequate expertise and interest in enhancing or modifying present systems can choose these companies.

Educational institutions employ experienced medical coders with good communication skills to train enthusiastic and budding coders. This option is really viable for those who don’t want to work on tight deadlines and share their valuable knowledge with others.

Insurance companies also employ medical coders to validate the accuracy of the claims received by them. These coders verify if there is any wrong or incomplete information presented in the claims by comparing the treatment provided to a patient and the insurance plan coverage of the patient. The coders working for insurance companies also need to look out for errors with an eye for detail and up their skills regarding insurance plans and their coverage.

Law firms need medical coders & billers too to understand the nuances of coding and billing issues in order to handle the billing fraud cases that come their way. Fraudulent billing is a big offense and law firms require the services of medical coders to authenticate if the billing mistakes are unintentional or a result of fraud.
Government agencies also hire coders to work on various projects that provide valuable data for healthcare studies across the nation.

Although there are many options for medical coders to work, a majority of them work for physician offices, hospitals, and medical coding companies. There are several companies that provide the services of experienced and proficient medical coders from remote locations to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

5 Incredible Tips to Get Organized this New Year

Successful people are not born that way and they are successful because they have learnt the art of being organized. Being organized is neither easy nor difficult, but it definitely needs your time and efforts along with immense patience. Even the most disordered person on this earth can cultivate a few healthy habits to become an organized person and here a few of quick tips that can help you become more organized and make the most of this New Year.

Create a list: Every night before sleep, we can prepare a checklist with tasks to be completed the next day in order to start our day with confidence. Although this seems to be a little silly, it really works wonders. A simple example of this is that every school finishes its regular classes on time without any delay because it has a fixed schedule for everything. Likewise, we can get our work done at a faster pace and confidence if we chalk out a list for the tasks to be completed and work according to schedule.

Carry a notepad: A notepad, whether electronic or a book is essential to living an organized life. However good our memory may be, we cannot remember each and every single thing and a notepad definitely helps us to write down our random thoughts that need to be remembered.

Keep things in the same place: Keeping our things at the same place after every use not only gives our space a neat and organized look but also helps us stay organized and we needn’t waste our time searching for things every now and then.

Never postpone: We should remember that when we procrastinate something, it gets even more difficult to do it later. To make our life stress-free we ought to kick-out procrastination from our life and start doing things as and when they need to be done as this also helps us to meet our deadlines sans any tensions.

Do one thing at a time: Multi-tasking is not everybody’s cup of tea. Hence, let us decide for ourselves if we can multitask efficiently. If the answer is an affirmation, it is well and good. However, if it is in the negation, we better focus on one thing at a time and being effective rather than being sloppy at trying many things at a time.

Getting organized and being productive is in our hands. We ought to take the right step towards being successful and let’s take that one step this New Year to make it prosperous and joyful for us.

Healthcare Documentation to Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Physicians are one of the busiest professionals who juggle with their different tasks involving diagnosing, providing treatment, and documenting the care provided to patients. Amidst these many tasks, it is getting challenging for physicians to focus on the most important thing – providing quality care and giving satisfaction to the patients. To get everything right in healthcare practice, one thing that has to be given a high priority is providing quality care that enhances patient satisfaction. Mentioned here are a few tips on how physicians can boost satisfaction levels in patients.

To provide a high-quality experience to the patients it is necessary that every individual representative of the hospital that comes in contact with patients or their relatives should do their job with a patient-centric perspective and provide them with the best customer service. Some of the basic ways to do this is using the patient’s name in conversations, explaining the next procedure going to be performed, being utmost focused without any distraction when the patient is speaking etc. To help physicians concentrate on their core activities and help them document their interactions and procedures performed on patients with ease, there are numerous healthcare documentation companies that provide excellent transcription services.

Healthcare facilities need to understand what the patients want and expect from them. To assess this, one has to consider patient satisfaction on three parameters – service, comfort, and convenience. Patients are to be provided services that are convenient for them in a comfortable environment. If physicians are busy typing in the patient details in their computers while talking to the patients or if a medical transcriptionist is taking the notes, patients may not feel comfortable and they may not be able to speak properly. To combat this issue, facilities and physicians can opt to outsource their healthcare documentation jobs and offer concentrated care to patients in an environment comfortable for them.

Implementing a perfect strategy to improve patient satisfaction is essential and the entire facility staff has to be included in this endeavor. As a part of the strategy, patients’ convenience has to be taken care of. Sending messages and alerts regarding their appointments and providing options to cancel or reschedule appointments plays a crucial role in considering their convenience. Also, minimizing the waiting time for patients should be a top priority. Comfortable environment and facilities to engage patients when they have to wait to see their physicians also play a vital role in maximizing patient satisfaction.

The most important aspect that influences patients’ preferences in choosing healthcare providers is the quality of services provided. Patients choose facilities on their trust and reliability factors. Their belief in the physician increases when the physician listens to the patient without any distractions. Listening to the patient attentively and making an eye-contact while addressing their concerns provides scope for them to trust the physician and this can be easily done by outsourcing healthcare documentation process to a reliable healthcare documentation services provider.

The quality of a patient-provider relationship is a major decisive factor for a healthcare provider to retain its patients. Hiring experts from healthcare documentation companies to perform the documentation work of physicians will give the physicians much required time to do what only they can do the best – provide quality care.

ASCs Shouldn’t Fall Behind in Using EHRs

Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) provide an amazing health care option to patients by offering high-quality services at lower costs that too sans hospital admission. There are many ASCs that provide services in only one specialty whereas some provide services across multiple specialties. Whatever kind of services they provide, ASCs need to adopt electronic health records so as comply with the Meaningful Use. The purpose of adopting the EHR systems for Meaningful Use is to improve the quality of the healthcare provided along with the safety and efficiency to enhance the processes of storing and sharing the critical patient data.

However, there are still many ASCs that haven’t started implementing the EHR solutions yet, due to which they are losing on many benefits such as:

Data accessibility: The healthcare providers have better and easy access to critical patient data facilitating better care coordination among various parties involved.

Patient safety: With important data at the fingertips, there will be an improvement in the quality of care provided thereby increasing the safety of patients’ health.

Regulatory compliance: With appropriate EHR systems in place, there is no need to worry about complying with regulatory issues.

Data assessment: When appropriate EHR solutions are implemented in a facility, it facilitates saving quality data that can be assessed for multiple purposes.

Valuable insights: With the various productivity reports and other reports available, it gets easier to identify the problem areas in the facility management and gain valuable insights about the facility’s financial aspects.

People wonder why ASCs don’t implement the EHR systems when they are so beneficial. The reason lies in the fact that it comes with high costs, complexity in implementation, a few problems in the daily activities of the facility etc. Another big reason for the ASCs to stay away from this is that they don’t get any incentives like the physician practices, which is a big demotivating factor.

But the long-term benefits of adopting EHRs outshine the negative factors discussed above to a great extent which can’t be denied. Along with the benefits, market trends like switch towards interoperability and focus on tracking and reporting patient data are also big influencing factors that promote the implementation of electronic health records in ASCs. Considering all these factors, ASCs should not ignore implementing EHRs.

10 resolutions worth making this New Year

2019 is here and it’s time to rejoice! We wish it proves to be bountiful in all beautiful ways!
We all know that New Year comes with New Resolutions; almost all of us might have gone through this drill at one point or the other. It’s no marvel if some of us have even forgotten what promises we made as New Year’s resolutions last year. Ever wonder, what is the necessity of a New Year resolution?
After all, a New Year resolution is nothing but a promise we make to ourselves to enhance the quality our lives which could be done throughout the year. It is also the time family and friends celebrate and share their experiences bout the year gone by and wishing each other a year that’s better in every possible way! So, it definitely makes sense to reflect upon what we have been through the last year and make resolutions that would take us to new heights!

Here are some resolutions worth making this year that could enhance positivity in our lives.

1.Move often: The mundane and sedentary nature of our lifestyle has its grave consequences and to avoid those we need to get into an active mode by moving often. We need to make it a habit to get up from our seats every 20 minutes to stretch our muscles and take a few steps. * Tip: Set an alarm in the phone for every 20 minutes reminding to stretch the muscles.

2.Read more: Reading is a great habit and one can benefit from it a lot. We can start reading whatever we can lay our hands on. Holding a book, newspaper, or magazine in our hands and exploring the world with it is an experience in itself. Reading can be an amazing stress buster that also simultaneously enhances a person’s knowledge and creative quotients.

3.Enjoy nature: We are not made to be juggling and sulking in concrete jungles all day and night. Spending more time outside and enjoying Mother Nature should be one of our topmost agendas. The serenity and warmth of nature have the ability to boost our immune system and makes us happier.

4.Take pleasure in the little things: Enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean doing big things and achieving great success always. It can be as simple as taking pleasure in the most little things like listening to the chirping of birds, gazing at the stars in the night, walking barefoot on the lush grass etc.

5.Own a plant: Taking the ownership of a plant can be such an awesome experience. Watering and caring for plants is found to be an excellent way to reduce stress levels and improve concentration levels with the added benefits of improved satisfaction in life and enhanced air quality.

6.Restrict the influence of social media: It is up to us as to how we use social media and for how much time in a day. By restricting the time spent on social media, we can use that time much more productively and also restrict various factors that upset us and induce stress levels.

7.Limit mobile use: Limiting the use of mobile phones at home for other purposes than basic and urgent communication will leave us with more time to spend with family and friends personally.

8.Schedule sleep time: Sleep is that one thing that comes at the end of our priority list and at the end of our day. A person with insufficient sleep cannot work with the maximum potential and faces numerous health risks. To avoid the burnout and other side effects of inadequate sleep, it is better to fix a schedule and accordingly hit the bed daily.

9.Avoid junk food: We can take care of our health with a little caution by avoiding unnecessary junk food at odd times. Replacing nutritious sprouts and nuts for unhealthy junk food is the easiest way towards maintaining good health.

10.Avoid plastic: Let us try to ditch plastic as much as possible, to safeguard this planet for ourselves and future generations. We can carry a cloth bag every time we go shopping, avoid disposable cups in offices and functions and try to minimize the use of plastic in every way possible.

It is not just enough if we create our New Year’s resolutions. We should adhere to them and make ourselves a better person for the sake of ourselves, our family, our society, and our planet.

Happy and Healthy New Year!