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Medical transcription jobs play a very vital role in the health care industry as the transcribed records are very helpful in maintaining accurate health records of patients and thus become the credible sources for many health care studies. For such important jobs, it becomes essential that the transcribers acquire proficient skills that facilitate their work to be error free and reliable. Medical transcriptionists are required to hone their skills in both English language and medical terminology. Let’s try to understand the areas where errors may occur while engaging in transcription services.

English Language: You must make sure you perfect in English grammar and punctuation as this is the language you use to transcribe all the medical records. You ought to gain skills in listening and then comprehending appropriately what you have heard. It is of utmost significance that you have an in-depth English knowledge, especially in the following:
  • Spellings: Care should be taken to spell all the words correctly so that they are in line with the physician’s audio files. Silly mistakes like using ‘there’ instead ‘their’ should be avoided with utmost care.
  • Word usage: There will be more than one meaning and usage for a particular word. So the transcriber has to be cautious enough to use any word appropriately knowing the various usages of a word and whether it is being used as noun, verb, adverb etc. 
  • Punctuation: Though it does not seem to be important, punctuation plays a key role in any written communication. Hence, to transcribe accurately what the physician has dictated and to convey the meaning properly, one has to have command of punctuation.
  • Homonyms and homographs: Efforts should be put to hone vocabulary and understand the various homonyms and homographs which may alter the meaning of the text.
Medical Terminology: All the words related to the medical field should be learnt by people who want to excel in the field of medical transcription services. Maximum efforts should be put in gaining knowledge in all aspects of the medical field like human anatomy, medicines/drugs, equipment/ tools, treatments and procedures. An inaccurate medical terminology use in medical transcription jobs leads to inaccurate diagnosis, decisions, treatments and finally billing.
Exclusions and Inclusions: An exclusion or inclusion of a certain word in the records can impact severely on patient health and safety. This includes the numeric mix-up also, which may deviate from the actual dosages dictated by the physician. For e.g. where a doctor says 10 mg, if it is recorded as 100mg there is a vast difference in the dosage which has an impact on the further treatment of the patient.
Audio Quality: Poor audio quality due to low-quality audio systems either at the physician’s end or the transcriber’s end results in errors of all kinds mentioned above. To avoid this, a physician has to record the dictation in a good quality recorder in a noiseless environment and the transcription has to be done with the help of a good headphone set in a peaceful and distraction-less environment.
Avontix is one of the best companies that offer medical transcription in Hyderabad. Join us and learn to transcribe error-free with us. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are the best in the industry and can guide you in building a career in medical transcription in Hyderabad. Let us do medical transcription with utmost care and accuracy levels to maintain patient safety.

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Importance of Work- Life Balance -Avontix

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We all cherish our childhood days. Why? We all love the days gone-by in our childhood because we had plenty of time to ourselves. We played, talked and did what ever made us happy. We love those days because now we don’t do the things that we did then. Now we don’t have time, patience and energy to do those things that we loved to do then. When we don’t have enough time to talk to our family, then how can we expect to have a good social life? Without a proper social life, we cannot be happy and satisfied all by ourselves.

No doubt that technological advancement has made our life better in many ways. But, at the same time, it has also resulted in diminishing our work-life balance and thus increased stress in us. We couldn’t even figure out when working from 9:00 AM to 09:00 PM has become an accepted and unwritten norm for us. The technology boons like the laptop and smart phone have erased out the fine line between office and home timings. Even during vacations we are almost always expected to respond to our official calls or emails. This is taking us away from family and friends and ruled out our work-life balance. It is high time we understand that for a healthy and happy life we should be able to strike a balance between our professional and personal lives.

Accomplishing a work-life balance should be one of the priorities in today’s working people as an imbalance in this leads to stress, fatigue, loss of control on emotions and strained relationships. Let us try to understand how a proper work-life balance helps us.
Reduced Stress: While stress to a certain extent is unavoidable and also good at times to bring the best out of us, too much stress on a regular basis will lead to burnout which is not good in any way. Burnout will cause tensions and will impact negatively on our personal, professional and social life. We should take care not to bring home the work stress which is the first step in achieving work-life balance. If we are unable to do this, then we should sort this out by talking to our managers and figuring out how we can reduce stress and increase productivity too at work.

Greater Control: With the proper balance between our work and personal life comes greater control on our priorities and focus areas which require our attention. While we are with the family, we should give our full attention to the person with whom we are spending time. Whether it is our parent, partner or child we should remember that only when we are focusing on them without thinking of work, then our conversation will be wholesome and strengthens our bond. This will in return reflect on our work front because we can dedicatedly focus on our work when we have a loving and caring family to support us in all ups and downs of life.

Better Health: It is a fact that stress and burnouts lead to various health problems which are associated with lifestyle. Two of the common health issues one has to face as a result of stress are hypertension and diabetes. These two again lead to a number of serious health disorders which can deteriorate our life with great impact. So, maintaining a good work-life balance will ultimately give you good health.
We should all recognize the importance of work-life balance to live a healthy and happy life. So, start working towards bringing a change in your life, right from this moment. Have a great day!

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Tips to Grow in Medical coding -Avontix

We have high regard for doctors who take care of the most complex machine in the world-the human body. Doctor’s job is to interpret and diagnose problems in our body which is a complicated job. Though not doctors, the health information technicians like medical coders also have complicated jobs as they are required to have a strong understanding of various medical diagnoses, treatments and procedures. Medical coding to a beginner is like learning a new language. It is difficult in the beginning, but as you start practicing it, it gets easier. The Medical coding field requires an eye for detail, organizational skills, medical terminology knowledge and understanding of human anatomy. To gain a foothold in this profession you can follow these tips:
Analytical thinking helps: Using logic and thinking analytically helps in connecting pieces of information and drawing conclusions. This is very much needed for medical coders, as they have to decide on the accurate code for a patient’s medical procedure from thousands of codes available.
Understanding complex language: People in Medical coding services have to read physician’s notes and then apply codes for the diagnosis and treatment given to a patient. So, it is of great importance that you understand the medical language and analyze the complex health records of patients.
Code only what is needed: A doctor documents all the services, tests and treatments provided to the patient accurately as performed with all the necessary details of patient’s symptoms, complaints, injuries and illnesses. The Medical coding jobs are required of documenting all these details with appropriate and accurate codes while maintaining consistency with the doctor’s notes. It is the responsibility of medical coders to not deviate from what the doctor has documented.
Coding in correct order: Care has to be taken in not just coding all the procedures but, putting those codes in correct order. Always mention the code for the specific reason for the patient’s visit as the first code. There may be existing symptoms or diagnoses or multiple procedures performed but, always adhere to the correct order of coding.
Update your knowledge: For an accurate insurance claim, it is of utmost importance that you keep updating yourself with the changes happening in Medical coding services, follow the annual coding changes and adhere to the standard coding guidelines.
Using appropriate modifiers:  Some of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes require use of the modifiers. These modifiers are codes consisting of two digits, two letters or two alphanumeric characters. The modifiers provide further information on the service provided to the patient. Adequate care has to be taken by the medical coders in using the appropriate modifiers. Remember that all modifiers cannot be used with all CPT and HCPCS codes and inappropriate use of procedure code modifiers can result in the reduction in payment or delay in claim procedure.
Never do overcoding or undercoding: As the insurance claims depend on the medical coding jobs, it is vital that necessary steps are taken to avoid overcoding or undercoding.
Over coding refers to coding procedure which leads to higher payments by the insurer which could be considered as fraud and have legal and financial implications.
Under coding refers to non-inclusion of codes for services provided and thereby leading to lower payments by the insurer which results in financial losses to the healthcare provider.

Medical coders have great importance in the health care industry, especially in claiming insurance. In this scenario, it is helpful to remember the above mentioned tips and follow them to become a successful medical coder.

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7 Wonderful Ways to Relax and Rejuvenate -Avontix

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Relax! The word itself is so soothing. Isn’t it? If your answer is yes, then it is time you take a break and read this. We all are working not from dawn to dusk, but from pre-dawn to late night. From the moment we wake up to the moment we hit the bed in the night, our life is packed with tasks to be completed, meetings to be attended, deadlines to be met and targets to be achieved. Amidst all this, what we are not noticing is how we are exhausting our body and mind. As a too much used machine breaks down, an overworked mind and body also collapse. To avoid such things we should try to figure out how we can take some time off and relax so that it rejuvenates us.

Here we will try to see few methods which help us to unwind ourselves:

Pranayama: This is the simplest way we can relax. Pranayama is a breathing exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime by anyone. Breath is the ‘prana’ of our body and by controlling it we can achieve peace and harmony within us. It requires that we inhale from one nostril and exhale from the other and repeat the same thing with both nostrils. Doing this for some time will give great relaxation.
Meditation: Along with pranayama, we can start meditating. We need not worry about how to meditate. For the beginners, to start with, we can just close our eyes and think of any word – a mantra, and concentrate on that particular word. This kind of concentration helps us to stay away from all tensions and relax our mind. A relaxed and calm mind helps us to stay alert and think positive.

Yoga: Yoga is a combination of pranayama, meditation and physical exercise. This is also an excellent way to unwind. There are many books to help you start doing yoga. But, it’s better if you can enroll in a class and learn it from a professional yoga guru. This will help you in the long run.

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Music: You don’t want to do anything specific, but want to relax. Then, listening to soothing music is the best option. It will not need any efforts from your side but will give the best results. Enjoy the music and forget yourself.

Play: Involve in some kind of sport that you like and play it heart fully. This will not only exercise the whole body but also help in escaping from the tensions that build up anxiety.

Hobbies: Another way to chill is nurturing your hobbies. Investing time in hobbies will not only relax you but also can bring out an entrepreneur hidden in you.

Break: Take a break from the routine. Whether it is a small break in work time or a long break for a vacation, a break is an essential ingredient for a successful and happy life. Take small breaks while working that make you concentrate better and increase productivity. For much better balance between personal and professional life, enjoy a vacation with family and friends that makes your bonding with them stronger and healthier. 

Relaxation is an important aspect in maintaining our health and leading a happy life. It helps us to get relief from the scores of tensions that we go through in our daily routine. Whatever way we choose, it should ultimately make us relaxed and replenish our lost energies. Every person is unique and has varied interests. So, we have all the liberty to relax in our own way.
Relax and enjoy.

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EHRs benefitting the medical world -Avontix

 Electronic Health Record is the systematically collected information that is stored in digital format and is accessible to authorized people across different health care providers. An EHR is not just restricted to one health care provider’s office but it is a comprehensive data that is gathered from all the health care organizations that provide services to a patient. The information in the EHR can be created, managed and accessed by authorized staff across all the health care organizations and this helps patients to move their health records along with them wherever they require medical help.

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  Importance and benefits of Electronic Health Records:
  Information availability:  The patient information is readily available when and where it is required.  Health care providers have remote access to the information and this helps them to access records in  case of emergency.

 Improved quality care: As physicians have access to complete health information at a click, they can provide better quality care to patients. In situations when a patient needs his physician but is not at the same place as the physician is in, he can contact the doctor over the phone and the doctor can access the patient records and give appropriate directions to the patient until the patient visits him in person.

  Effective decision making: The Hospital management software used in EHR can help in effective decision making regarding patient care because the comprehensive data like clinical data, diagnostic information and treatment summary is available to the physician at his fingertips and he can make efficient and effective decisions while treating a patient.

 Continuity in services: The EHRs help in the continuity of services provided by health care professionals even at the time of emergencies like natural calamities or disasters. Unlike the physical documents that can be lost due to damages at the time of disasters, the EHRs come handy in such cases and provide valuable information to the health care providers.

 Enhance in research: The vast resources of data regarding patients across states and varied illnesses give ample scope for studying and evaluating medical practices being followed, drugs and devices that are being used in treatment procedures.

  Cost effective: The charts and documents prepared manually are not only space consuming but also a costly affair because they need space for storage and safeguarding and also people to manage them. But, with the Hospital management software, it becomes economical to save and retrieve all the data electronically.

 With so many advantages of moving towards electronic health records, it is obvious that going forward it becomes a necessity to maintain EHR in all countries. With this, there arises a need for people who provide the EHR solutions. Avontix is the leader in providing EHR solutions in Hyderabad which provides its services mainly to the US clientele. EZchart from Avontix is the complete chart management solution that is designed to bring efficiency in patient records management. 
 The EZchart utilizes the latest technologies to simplify processes and it is one of the best EHR solutions in Hyderabad. This helps in the cost-effective management of data which can be used for effective information retrieval and providing quality care to patients and making effective decisions related to health care practices.
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Medical Transcription and its scope -Avontix

With the technology boom, a lot of career options have come up for the youngsters which have contributed to the growth of economy also. One of those careers is medical transcription which started in the western countries and especially the US where health care industry is insurance based for which proper documentation of all health records is vital to process the insurance claims. In these countries, for the medical insurance procedures to be hassle free three jobs in medical field play an important role. They are medical transcription, medical coding and medical billing.  As a result of technology and birth of outsourcing industry, many jobs are being outsourced to India, out of which Medicaltranscription jobs take a significant portion and are creating a big number of employment opportunities in the transcription services industry.
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There are a number of players in the medical transcription services field who are making a big difference to the health care industry with their excellent work. The reasons for the growth in medical transcription jobs can be attributed to the following benefits offered by this industry:

Easy chart preparation: With transcription services, it becomes easier to maintain patient records.
* Accuracy taken care of: When medical transcription was not available, the patient charts or medical records were prepared manually i.e. they were written by hand which were prone to more errors and were illegible at times. Now with medical transcription, the doctors’ dictations are recorded and they are transcribed by typing which strikes off the scope of illegibility and lost files. This helps in maintaining accuracy that helps in the easy processing of insurance claims.
* Productive time for doctors increased: With the onus of maintaining health records transferred to transcriptionists, doctors have more time to deal with some more patients or give some extra time to each patient.
Along with the benefits come the responsibilities that ought to be followed by the people in this industry.  These are the basic principles or ethics to be followed by medical transcriptionists:
Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality of patient information is of paramount                            significance.
Standards: Following the professional health care documentation standards.
Timely service: Striving for the accurate and timely submission of reports
Future of medical transcription:
Like all other industries, medical transcription industry is also going through many changes and it is on us, how quickly we adapt to changes. We know that technology is a double edged sword which has both positive and negative impacts. So, there is a worry that complete automation may take place in the industry with advancements in voice recognition software which will reduce the jobs in this field. However, one thing is certain and that is people will consult a doctor for some reason or the other depending on their illness and however minute it would be, a record for that has to be made. For this, people with expert skills will always be required to edit or proof-read what has been done by the computers. The key to remaining in this industry is to keep you updated always.
Visualizing the scope of opportunities, Avontix which is in the business of medical transcription in Hyderabad is offering jobs and training to aspirants who want to make a career in health care industry. Anyone who has completed graduation is eligible for our training that is best in the field of medical transcription in Hyderabad, to kick-start a career in one of the lucrative careers which also provides flexibility in working after gaining certain period of experience in the field.
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Future Ahead for Medical Coding -Avontix

Medical coding is one profession which has lots of scope and can be looked forward with great hopes. With ever-growing health care industry, there will be growth in all the allied services of health care industry. Few of them are medical transcription, medical billing and coding. Let us take a look at how Medical coding industry would do in coming days:

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Increase in life expectancy:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States of America, the average life expectancy has increased to 78.8 years in 2014 from 69.7 years in 1960. Also, people who are aged above 55 years would make up to 38.2 percent of the population in 2024. This means that there would be many older people who need healthcare services to live a healthy and active life. This is would further mean that there will be more requirement for Medical coding services.

Health insurance coverage:
After the Affordable Care Act also known as ‘Obamacare’ has been passed in 2010, more people in the USA have come under the purview of healthcare services access. This Act increased the number of people being covered by insurance because the government penalizes those who are not covered by insurance barring a few exceptional cases. This also means that there will be an increase in the Medical coding jobs since medical coders plays a key role in the settlement of insurance claims.

The USA has started using the ICD-10-CM since 2015, and it has more than 70, 000 codes that have to be learnt by medical coders and used appropriately to stay in the Medical coding services which is an industry that needs people who are always on their toes and updated with all the codes so as to provide accurate medical records and help in faster settlement of the insurance claims.

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Automated coders vs. human coders:
With day-by-day advancement in technology, there is always a debate on what processes that are handled by humans can be replaced by robots. And one such process is related to the Medical coding jobs. Many people opine that medical coders should be replaced by robots. But, this may not be a wise thing to do, because, medical coding is equally an art as it is science. Physicians are humans who cannot be perfect all the time and do perfect documentation. There may be some subtle areas which require humans to interpret the doctors’ documentation. Hence, there will always be a need for good medical coders who can adapt to the ever-changing industry and provide their excellent services.
All the factors pointed above hint that the demand for well-qualified and well-experienced medical coders will be on the rising side in the coming years. People who are always on the learning side and adept at mastering the new ICD codes and CPTs will always be sought after. Avontix is one of the best companies which provides world-class Medical coding services and wonderful growth opportunities to its employees.

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Bright prospects in medical coding -Avontix

Medical coding is the process of designating universally accepted alphanumeric codes to various medical diagnosis, procedures and treatments. These alphanumeric codes are known as International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes. These codes have a pivotal role in health care systems in many countries where medical facilities are availed through insurance benefits. The USA is one of these countries where medical coding offers a lucrative career. As a result of outsourcing jobs, India has become a hub for these medical coding jobs. With the ever-growing health care industry, there are a plethora of opportunities waiting to be grabbed by enthusiastic medical coders. The requirement for medical coders is rising steadily.

Who can take up medical coding?

Anyone with a graduate degree can take up this as career provided they get trained in its basics. However, a life-sciences graduate will have an edge over others in understanding terms related to pharmacy, anatomy and medical procedures etc. which are essential in this field. Medical coders have to gain knowledge on ICD 9/10 and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) which play a vital role in this profession.

What does a medical coder do?
  • Communicates with health care providers like physicians, nursing staff, and other technicians to classify or group the services received by the patient.
  • Applies the ICD, CPT and HCPCS (The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) codes to patient records such that they reflect the services received by the patient accurately.
  • Enters the data in EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record).

Going forward:
According to estimates, medical coding jobswill increase by more than 20% by the year 2022, which suggests that demand for proficient medical coders will be high. The outlook for medical coding services industry is very promising as there are many companies in India which are into this business. Avontix is the right destination for job seekers who want to make it big in the Health Information Management field. This is one of the best organizations which provides medical transcription services and EHR services alongside medical coding services.

Setting up your own business:
Medical coding industry is one place which offers flexibility in working. If you are a new entrant in the field, you can join a company as an employee. Or, if you have enough experience and think that you can take up this on your own, then you can become an entrepreneur and start your own business in medical coding domain. It’s upon you, how much you want to learn and grow as a medical coder. The horizons are far and wide…set your target and reach it.

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EHR Solutions to Aid Health Care Systems -Avontix

An Electronic health record (EHR) is a digital form of a patient’s records that are accessible to authorized users in real time. EHRs are patient-centered digital documents that contain the medical and treatment histories of patients. EHRs are created in such a way that information collected and stored in these can be shared with other health care providers like laboratories, pharmacies or health care research agencies as and when needed, provided it is for the benefit of the patient or for a study on health care by authorized people. As an electronic health record is a tool to store the comprehensive data regarding a patient, it has details regarding patient demographics, ailments, medical history, diagnosis, test reports, treatment and medication and administrative data which include billing information as well.

EHR solutions have made a considerable impact on the health care industry by providing improved patient care, diagnosis and co-ordination among various authorized people. 

The benefits of maintaining electronic health records are enormous. That is the reason it has become an inevitable part of health care industry and is flourishing day-by-day. It is obvious that any booming industry will mean boom in employment in that field. 

Thus, there is an immense scope for growth in this industry. Avontix is one of the few companies that provides EHR solutions in Hyderabad.  

‘EZchart’ from Avontix is Hospital management software that brings efficiency in maintaining ASC patients’ records. What is an ASC? Ambulatory Surgery Centre or ASC is a health care facility that provides surgical care along with diagnostic and preventive procedures on a same day for patients who have already consulted a physician and opted surgery as an apt treatment procedure.

 An ASC has dedicated operating room and equipment besides a qualified professional to execute the surgery safely with adequate quality patient care. ‘EZchart’, the Hospital management software solution eases the health chart management system by using latest technology thereby simplifying processes. There are a number of benefits in using EZchart.  

Some of them are displaying patient information in customized formats, applying patient demographic filters (e.g. age, gender), applying case filters (e.g. physician, procedure). Avontix with its EHR solutions in Hyderabad is striving to help its clients build a healthier nation.

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Smart Cues for Easy Transcription -Avontix

 Living up to the expectations of the employer and reaching targets in time does require some efficacy in the work we do. The role of a medical transcriptionistis a bit different from that of many other people as it deals with a lot of confidential information pertaining to medical records of patients. Any signs of lethargy or negligence at the time of transcribing a file can cost heavily to both the transcriptionist and the employer. Here we are giving some smart cues for making the job of transcription a little easier and pleasant.

Positive attitude: Have a positive approach and keep saying to yourself…All is well. Don’t start working with the burden of finishing the task. Rather start the work by promising yourself that you would make the day of a health practitioner better by producing a perfect error-free file.

Work-station:Take care you don’t work at a noisy place. Have a pleasant and peaceful workstation that gives you ample scope to listen to the audio files without any disturbance.

Headset:Go for a quality headset that is good to your ears and does not affect your hearing capabilities in the long run and at the same time helps you hear properly so that you transcribe accurately.

Listen, not hear:  Make sure you listen and not just hear the audio file. When you just hear you tend to miss words or comprehend them wrong.

Listen in totality:  Always make it your habit to listen to the sentence in totality because it will help you to understand the context of the sentence and comprehend words which are inaudible or lack clarity.

Never ever assume:  Be alert and always transcribe what you listen. If at any time there is any ambiguity, don’t assume words. Rather leave the space blank and fill that after getting clarity on it.
Slow down a bit:  We know that typing faster makes the job easier, but slowing down in typing makes the job much easier as there are fewer typing errors and there is lesser scope for deleting and rewriting which saves time and efforts.

Master typing skills:  Increase the usage of keyboard and lessen the use of the mouse to enhance the typing speed. Also, maximize the application of short cut keys and auto-correct options to perform effortlessly.

Doctor may err:  While dictating doctor may make mistakes in spelling or grammar. It’s your responsibility to check and use the appropriate spelling and rule out any grammar and punctuation mistakes in your transcription.

Be cautious:  Be cautious with the use of medical jargons, acronyms or abbreviations. Don’t use irrelevant jargons or words which may change the context.
Learning is a continuous process: Keep updating yourself with research and willingness to learn, all the new terms, methods and procedures in the medical world, so that you don’t stagnate in your profession.

Continue making a difference in the healthcare industry.