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The healthcare industry is a unique business that is different from other businesses as it deals with not a single transaction but a procedure starting from the appointment of a patient with the physician and ending with the patient’s account closure. Managing a healthcare facility is a tremendous task which includes vital matters like insurance verification, medical coding, medical billing and collections. Let us take a look at some of the challenges faced by the medical billing industry.
Claim rejections: According to recent studies more than 20% of claims submitted are rejected. And more than a quarter of these rejected claims are not submitted again. If we think about the reasons for claim rejections, we can find two major answers: claims are not received by the insurance payer; insurance payer denies the claims. Usually, the payer denies the claims when there is a defect in the claim with respect to incomplete information or lack of support for the bills.
Denials not re-appealed: It is found that more than half of the denied claims are not re-appealed. Usually, denials are a result of administrative errors and it is a costly and time-consuming affair for a healthcare facility to do the follow-up and re-appeal for payment.
Amount spent on non-core medical matters: Because of old traditional methods followed by insurance payers, most of the transactions involving payers result in a huge amount being spent on non-core medical activities like medical billing, claims processing and revenue cycle management.
Health insurers’ errors: It is a major concern for healthcare facilities that there is around 20% error rate among health insurance providers which shows their inefficiency at handling insurance claims and results in billions of losses for healthcare providers.

MACRA final rule: In the very near future MACRA is to be implemented and healthcare facilities should comply with the new MACRA requirements. For this physicians should report every patient’s treatment via a certified electronic health record to get paid for their services or else they will lose on the payment. Also, healthcare facilities should opt for either alternative payment methods (APMs) or merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS).  Along with these, ensuring that all the procedures are coded as per ICD-10 and billed properly is also required.
Bad physician documentation: Many times medical billers are not responsible for the highest level of coding as they do not get appropriate and accurate physician documentation. So, providers should give accurate information to the coders so that billers can properly bill for each and every procedure without undercoding.
 With these kinds of challenges faced by the medical billers, it is not easy to get ahead in the industry without hard work and perseverance. However, for the people who love challenges and are keen on making a career in the industry that provides the lifeblood for healthcare providers, medical billing jobs in Hyderabad are plenty. Avontix is one of the best medical billing companies in Hyderabad that provides ample scope for growth to its employees.

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Helpful online resources for MTs -Avontix

In the stressful world that we live in, nobody turns off any help that is offered. That too, help that is not from any person and does not need any recognition and reciprocation. Yes, here we are talking about help from online resources. Like all jobs, medical transcription jobs are also demanding and require total commitment. Medical transcription is a field that requires acquiring knowledge on human anatomy, medical terminology, and perfection in English grammar. For people who are new to medical transcription jobs, there will be many areas which are confusing and require a little support. 
For such people, here is a list of online resources that can be useful.
OneLook: For all your doubts regarding medical terminology including the acronyms and abbreviations, you can take help from ‘OneLook”. One of the best things about OneLook is that you can customize the results according to your preference. The website will remember this and produce results next time accordingly.
HealthGrades: For most of the medical transcription professionals working from countries like India, it is an issue to identify and recognize names of physicians and healthcare facilities properly. In such cases, this website will be very useful to find the correct spelling of an unfamiliar physician or hospital name. For all your queries related to drug names or dosages, you can rely on If you encounter a problem with any spelling of a medication, and you only know the pronunciation of the medication, then the phonetic search function will help you in finding out the correct spelling. It also gives a list of most common drugs that are wrongly spelt. This website also has a wildcard search where you can use an asterisk (*) to represent wildcard characters in the search bar where you know only a part of the medication name. The search results will give you a list of medications that contain the words keyed in by you.
Stedman’s@work: This is a website that contains hundreds of transcribed medical files. You can download some samples and learn the nuances if you need. You can search the files by keyword and specialty. This is website has comprehensive list of search engines and resources for medical transcriptionists. This has resources for medical and non-medical words, abbreviations, acronyms, drug names, names and addresses of healthcare facilities and doctors.
With all these resources to guide you in times of need, you can confidently progress towards success in your chosen field of medical transcription in Hyderabad. Avontix is one of the best medical transcription companies in Hyderabad that offers the best training to a newbie. 
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Being Organized Helps and Boosts Productivity -Avontix

If we notice, there is one common thing among all successful people. That is their organizational skills. We all have our ups and downs in our lives, but successful people tend to bounce back sooner than the rest because of their organizational skills. Being organized keeps us relaxed and calm that helps us to be positive and deal with any kind of situation. If you are among those who think being organized doesn’t matter, this is the way I like to be then it’s time you change your attitude and get habituated to being organized. After all being organized helps in many ways.

  • Reduce clutter: Organizing things lets us understand what is important and required and what is not important and not required. This helps us to remove all the clutter from our desk and make our workspace a happier place. 
  • Locate easily: Making a place for everything and putting things in their places after every use, becomes a habit for us and it is easy to help locate things when necessary. 
  • Save time: When we have our things organized, we don’t have to waste time searching for minute things. We don’t have to strain our brain to remember where things are kept. Organized desk makes our hand simply move to the thing that is required and no more searching is needed. Not just desk, but an organized computer with all our files stored in specific folders helps us locate our important files quickly when needed.
  • Reduce stress: We are already burdened with so many stresses in life. Why welcome some more stress with the unorganized workplace? When things are organized and work is prioritized we can concentrate better on our work and projects at hand without bothering about searching frantically for things and thinking on what job should be tackled first.
  • Meet deadlines: Nothing works like meeting deadlines and this will be much easier with organized lifestyle. With priorities set for work and schedules drafted, we become more productive.
  • Get creative: Everything falling in place and finishing tasks in time will give more spare time and lets us get creative. Being creative gives us scope to look beyond normal and work out solutions for even the toughest problems.
  • Get friends: Organized desk and workplace help us become persons with organized thoughts. When we meet our deadlines and think optimistically to find solutions for problems we naturally become more likable and gain friendships that go beyond our workplace.
  • Make money: Organized lifestyle brings better productivity and with that comes more money and happiness. After all, we work to make money and that is what makes us reach our goal and be happy. 

The onus is on us to get organized in whatever we do and boost our productivity. We ought to explore ways that suit our work style because there is no “one size fits all” strategy for being organized. With some patience and hard work, we have to work out ways to improve our organizational skills which are vital for both our work life and personal life.

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Transition towards EHR solutions -Avontix

With electronic health records becoming mandatory for all healthcare providers, we see that more and more physicians are beginning to use EHR software that transforms the way healthcare is provided. With the increased use of this software, it has become indispensable in patient care for both providers and patients. The recent changes and updates in the regulations and the incentives that are provided to the healthcare facilities have made a huge impact on the way electronic health records are viewed. As we go forward and there is more use of EHR software there is scope for easier access and interoperability of improved patient portals.

The most significant feature of electronic health records is the easy accessibility of data to both providers and patients. One of the more recent trends related to electronic health records is moving towards cloud-based solutions in which the EHR softwarefacilitates smooth workflow as information is at fingertips. This also leads to interoperability between various healthcare provider systems. This means that physicians will be able to share information related to the patient quickly with other healthcare providers whether they are a part of the organization or not. This also means that physicians have access to patient records at all times. This kind of interoperability results in long-term benefits apart from those that are directly related to patient interaction. This will facilitate researchers to access large databases to identify trends and outcomes related to diseases and treatments.

Another feature that is integral to the electronic health records is the increased access of these records to patients themselves. The HIPAA regulations make it necessary to make the records accessible to patients and to encourage adoption of EHR software government provides financial incentives also. An important aspect in making EHR software more accessible to patients is the increasing use of mobile devices by patients. More people are using mobile devices comfortably for their day to day activities and health is also one of these. This aspect makes it necessary to create cloud or mobile based EHR software for the use of practitioners. Some added benefits that come along with cloud technology based EHR solutions are – cost reduction and enhanced data security. These are possible because a dedicated in-house IT team is not required to support the software and hardware requirements of the EHR software. This improves the scope of practitioners to concentrate on providing better care to patients which is their primary job.

Healthcare industry is one which will improve with every day and technology plays a crucial role in this improvement. With technology and electronic health records, we can avail much more comprehensive patient records for the betterment of patient care. Avontix provides one of the best EHR solutions to ASCs in the form of EZ.

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Common Errors in Medical Billing -Avontix

In the US healthcare industry, medical billing plays a crucial role in providing the reimbursements for the services provided by healthcare providers. The reimbursements from insurance players are the lifeblood for the healthcare providers and any rejections and denials of insurance claims prove to be dangerous to sustain in the business of healthcare. Medical billing errors which are often common and result due to typographical or data entry errors lead to significant wastage of time and delays in payments from insurers. Here are some common errors that can be avoided with little caution from professionals in medical billing jobs.
Patient details: Enough care should be taken right from the initial stages to enter the correct details of the patient in the records. The insurance identification number should be quoted accurately in order to avoid any claim denials. A wrong patient ID number can result in denials and it will take plenty of time to identify the error and rectify it at later stages.
Transposing digits: Along with the insurance ID number, there would be other numerical data that has to be provided accurately in prescribed formats to receive appropriate payments for the claims. Caution should be exercised to avoid any errors occurring due to transposing of digits while entering ID numbers, date of birth etc. 
Claims sent wrongly: When there are multiple players in the insurance field, it is common that people in medical billing jobs often tend to submit claims to the wrong insurance company. The best way to mitigate this sort of error is to keep a copy of the insurance card in your records and verify the card and double check if you are selecting the appropriate insurance company to submit the claim.
Using wrong codes: It’s a known fact that both the diagnosis and procedure codes get updated every year. Hence, to avoid errors of using wrong or invalid codes for services provided, the medical billers have to refer to the latest versions of the coding books and upgrade their coding knowledge on a regular basis. It is important that enough care is taken to link the diagnosis code with the procedure code appropriately and accurately. If there is any mismatch in the linking of diagnosis and procedure codes, claims may get rejected or denied citing the wrong code linkage. The onus is on the medical billers to gain expertise in the codes that are billed regularly and link the diagnosis and procedure codes correctly.
Duplicate charges: Care should be taken while preparing the bill so that services provided are not charged in duplication. No service or procedure should be billed more than once.
Unbundling of charges: A little bit of prudence will help in mitigating committing errors related to unbundling of charges. Charges that can be put under one category in one procedure code should be billed that way only. They should not be billed separately under various codes.
By being vigilant not to commit these errors, an amazing career can be established in medical billing in Hyderabad, with Avontix. Avontix is one of the best medical billing companies in Hyderabad that provides ample scope for growth to its employees.
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Tips to Learn Medical Terminology -Avontix

The boom in the IT industry has brought some new careers with it. Some of them are related to the healthcare sector like medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding. There are many medicaltranscription companies in Hyderabad that offer training to aspirants and give them jobs after successful completion of training. If you are the one who is interested to take up a career in medical transcription but is apprehensive about the medical terminology associated with it, then this is for you.
Medical terminology is nothing but the language of medicine. If it is a language, then it could be learnt like any other language. Usually, the method of learning a new language is reading, writing and speaking. The same concept can be used with the language of medicine also. However, it is true that learning medical terminology is equivalent to learning two languages because many medical terms are derived from other languages. Follow the tips given here to improve your medical terminology.

Learn the roots: Transcription services require a thorough knowledge of medical terminology in which most of the terms originate from another language than English. So, the best way to learn these terms is learning the root word, its prefixes and suffixes. Most of the medical terms originate from Greek or Latin. So, try to learn the more common words in these languages, their prefixes and suffixes rather than concentrating on each and every word. Many medical words are formed as a combination of root words, prefixes or suffixes. For e.g. root+suffix, prefix+root and prefix+root+suffix. Try to understand these combinations and you can soon master medical terminology.
Visual help: Take the help of images or pictures to memorize a word or term. The language of medicine is entirely new for you. So, to learn a new word, choose another word or phrase that summarizes the meaning of that word and then try to memorize this particular word by connecting it with an image or picture and visualize it. Now again correlate this with the medical term.
Auditory help: Take the help of sound to memorize a new term. Break a new word according to its phonetics and try to say them loud as per the sounds of the syllables. Try to correlate the sounds with some image and this way you can remember a new term much better.
Social help: You can take social help to learn new terms by interacting with people who are in the transcription services. Start conversing using the terms you have learnt which will make the words sit in your brain for a longer time.

Technology help: For the tech savvy people there are many apps available that can help you master medical terminology. Select one that suits your level of knowledge and needs.

There are different learning styles and every individual has different needs. Depending upon your needs, you ought to choose which of the above tips works effectively for you to master the language of medicine. Avontix is one of the best medical transcription companies in Hyderabad that provides training and jobs.
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Quick Tips to Improve in Medical Billing -Avontix

Medical billers should be highly attentive to details and follow best medical billing practices to generate good revenues for the healthcare providers. The aim of the medical billers should be to submit clear medical claims that get appropriate and timely reimbursement from the insurance providers that help in improving the collections for the healthcare provider. Medical billing can be a lucrative and satisfying career and there are many companies that provide medical billing jobs in Hyderabad.
Medical billing along with the collection process is one of the most important factors in determining the success and profitability of a medical practice. Here we will discuss few tips to improve medical billing practice.
Initial verification: Medical billers should always verify the insurance eligibility for the patient before providing medical services. Many times inaccurate or incomplete insurance information are the major reasons for the claim denials. Vital information regarding patient’s identity and insurance card should be collected from the patient at the time of check-in. It is advisable to keep a copy of the patient’s identity proof and insurance card in the records to be able to quote them in claims when required.
Benefit verification: Ensure to verify the benefits applicable to the patient before giving medical service. Contact the insurance provider if necessary and cross-check the details. Double check the details regarding.
  • the effective dates and validity period for the insurance
  • deductibles
  • copayments
  • co-insurance
  • prior authorization for any procedures

Coding correct: It should be ensured that all the charges pertaining to the services provided have been coded appropriately and billing is done for all the services. It helps medical billers to understand the ICD 10 codes and identify any errors committed by medical coders. In case of any mistakes, they can be communicated to the coders to help them rectify those errors. This is a must follow procedure to ensure that collections are not falling short for the services rendered as wrong coding leads to denial or underpayment of claims in many instances.

Appropriate submission: It should be made sure that medical claims are submitted on appropriate forms in accordance with the specific medical policies for insurance, government regulations and guidelines. Get a hold on various insurance companies’ requirements for every kind of claims and provide all the required details. Ensuring that the claims are submitted correctly at the first time itself makes the claims recovery process easier.
Timely submission: The insurance claims should be submitted as soon as possible without any delay. It is a good procedure to set a deadline of 72 hours to submit a claim from the time of patient’s arrival. Have a review of the documentation of the treatment or service provided as early as possible to mitigate any chances of incomplete information. In case of any omissions or ambiguities, clarification should be sought from the physician immediately.
Payer Contracts: Familiarity with payer contracts gets your claim processed more quickly with lot more accuracy.
Follow up: Set some standard procedures for follow-up and appeals for claims rejected or claims not paid as expected. Ensure that these procedures are followed and include the patient in the follow-ups if necessary. Including patient in the follow up brings positive results many times.

Few procedures systematically followed by medical billers can drastically improve collections for a healthcare provider. If you are interested in joining the brigade of medical billers, then, join Avontix, the best medical billing company in Hyderabad.
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Is Medical Transcription a Viable Alternate Career for Doctors? -Avontix

With the great revolution in information technology, the healthcare sector has gained a great momentum. New careers have come with a bang to stay here for long and are making a decent contribution towards a better and healthier society. One of those careers is medical transcription that deals with the transcription of physicians’ audio files containing details pertaining to the treatments, procedures and medications provided to the patients.

Medical transcription is one field which is being explored by many people who are not qualified medically. The reason being, medical transcription does not need a medical course certification and what it requires is a graduation in any subject. But, is this a viable career option for doctors? Yes, of course! Doctors can take up this profession and enjoy a successful career that is of their interest. Qualified doctors in Allopathy, Ayurveda or Homeopathy can make their career in this field and it is no doubt that they will be more successful than those who are not doctors. The one major thing that makes medical professionals better medical transcriptionists is their association with medicine and proficiency in medical terminology. The medical background of doctors gives them an ease in comprehending the terms related to human anatomy, medications and treatments. Now, if you are thinking why to take up medical transcription after gaining such professional knowledge in the field of medicine, then this is for you.

Offers flexibility: If you are already into practice and want to earn extra income in your spare time, then this is the right choice for you.Medical transcription jobs offer flexibility of working hours. You can work according to your convenient timings and make those extra bucks.

Work from home: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional in your chosen field if you want to do something more, but not seeing patients, then medical transcription services provide you ample scope to work from home in a field related to your core competency.

Gain knowledge: Medical transcription jobs involve listening to the audio files of various specialists and senior doctors. The audio files contain all relevant details pertaining to a disease and its treatment. Hence, you can hone your skills if you wish to take up any specialization.

Would you not like to reap the benefits of such a beneficial alternate career? If your answer is yes, then Avontix, the best company in medical transcription services in Hyderabad is the place for you. Join us to double the impact you create on healthcare industry and reap double joy in serving people.

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Role of EMRs and EHRs in the Healthcare Industry -Avontix

When dealing with health records of patients, we come across two terms – EMR and EHR. Though both electronic medical records (EMRs) and Electronic health records (EHRs) appear similar, there is a significant difference in the two.
Electronic medical records are the electronic version of the paper charts of the physicians in a doctor’s office or hospital. An EMR has all the data pertaining to the medical and treatment history of a patient in one practice. The EMRs help the physicians in tracking data and easily identifying the patients who are due for checkups. These also help in tracing the patients’ health with respect to certain parameters like blood pressure, diabetes, and vaccinations.
Electronic health records have a broader perspective than the EMRs. EHRs are related to the overall health of patients and are not limited just to the standard clinical data available from a clinician. EHRs have data and share information from all kinds of health care providers including laboratories and specialists. This means that the patient information is accessible to all the physicians, specialists, hospitals across the country who are authorized to view the patient details including the patients themselves.
Both the EMRs and EHRs are used to make the healthcare system more effective and they bring some benefits:
  • Patient charts are not manual anymore and they are more accurate and clear.
  • With accurate information available at fingertips medical errors can be controlled and reduced.
  • With the access of information across healthcare providers, patients’ time and money are saved as duplication of tests is reduced.
  • Medications and treatments provided are more reliable.
  • Patients’ involvement and participation encourage a healthier lifestyle and preventive measures for better health.
The benefits of maintaining EHRs have made it compulsory that all the healthcare providers adopt electronic health records practice. Avontix provides EHR Solutions in Hyderabad with the complete chart management solution, EZchart, designed to facilitate the ambulatory surgery center services.
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Tips for Safe Exercising -Avontix

Guys! How are we doing with our AFC? Awesome… right? It’s been great to see so many of our colleagues take part in the AFC with great enthusiasm right from day one. It’s even greater to see that the enthusiasm is not dwindling with time. All of us at some point in time or the other have had few doubts regarding our exercises and how safe it is to start working out all of a sudden. So, let’s see how we can exercise safely.
Warm up:  The first thing to be noted is we should never start exercising straight away. Take 10 minutes time to warm up first and prepare yourself for the exercise regimen.
Start slowly: Don’t jumpstart with heavy workout sessions and don’t exercise for long sessions. Start with simple and basic exercises.
  • Start with slow walking and increase your pace gradually to do brisk walking after few days.
  • Be gentle with your body and don’t exert much pressure straight away. In the beginning days, it’s alright to walk or do mild exercise 2-3 times a week.
  • It is also very appropriate to start with a time frame of 15 minutes for your exercise and then gradually increase it so that you don’t strain yourselves. 
Don’t train too hard: Doing anything excessively is not good for health. Don’t ever train too hard to put yourselves in the risk of injuries. Training excessively can cause wear & tear of certain body parts, stress injuries and sore joints or muscles.
Understand body signals: Stop working out when your body signals to do so. Fatigue and feeling sick are the signals to give a break to exercise routine.
Select appropriate outfit: Your clothes should not hamper your efforts of workouts. Select clothes and shoes in which you can be comfortable. Make sure your shoes give enough cushioning to your feet to eliminate any kind of injuries or sores.
Energize: Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated during workouts. Also, include some health fluids and nuts to gain instant energy.
Exercising is a healthy lifestyle and has numerous benefits. Congratulations to all of us that we have already started putting efforts in making ourselves fit. Happy and safe exercising to all!
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