Welcome Monsoon!

After months of scorching heat, the monsoon that brings in cooling showers is a great delight. The cool breezes, the dark clouds, and the blossoming greenery around us make us crave for the earliest onset of monsoon. Monsoons not only bring a whiff of freshness but also bring the harshness of diseases. It’s pretty common that with changes in the weather many people get affected by cold, cough, and allied ailments. There are also increased chances of water contamination and proliferation of mosquitoes and insects that cause many infections and diseases. With little caution and effort, we all can enjoy a safe and healthy monsoon season. Let’s see how we can do that.

Drink plenty of water: Ensure drinking properly filtered water so as to evade the water-borne diseases that are a result of contaminated water. It’s very common that people tend to lessen drinking water in the rainy season, as they don’t feel thirsty. Irrespective of activity levels, we should drink enough water to keep the body properly hydrated. It’s even better if we can drink warm water and if our taste buds demand, we can have herbal teas that are good for health as well. But, caffeinated drinks are a strict NO.

Take a healthy diet: The primary route to a healthy life is a healthy diet. We can enjoy hot chai and pakodi made at home but staying away from street food is essential. Go for the fresh home-cooked food and preferably when it’s still hot to savor the flavor.

Avoid walking in rainwater: Ensuring we carry an umbrella or raincoat with us always will protect us from the unexpected downpour and the associated ailments resulting from getting drenched. Having a pair of clothes in our office is a great idea and will save our day in case we get drenched badly. We all get tempted to walk in the rain waters but we should restrain from doing so. Wet feet and nails make us prone to certain viral infections, so, we should not stay in wet socks or shoes for a long time. Try to avoid staying in wet clothes or hair for a long time and don’t get into air-conditioned rooms in such a state.

Take a bath: Making it a habit to take the shower as soon as we are home after being out for a while or after getting drenched in rain is really good because taking a bath helps in getting our body to normal temperature and also it acts against the sweat and dirt accumulated due to humidity.

Being a little careful will help us in enjoying a wonderful monsoon that breathes life into our exhausted bodies after the harsh summer. Welcome monsoon!!