10 resolutions worth making this New Year

Hello friends! We have yet again arrived at that point of the year when we evaluate how many promises we have been able to keep up to that we have made to ourselves. It’s no marvel if some of us have even forgotten what promises we made as New Year’s resolutions last year. I often wonder, what is the necessity of a New Year resolution? After all, a New Year’s resolution is nothing but a promise we make to ourselves with the aim of improving our lives which could be done at any time of the year. Though we won’t delve into the history of this tradition, we can comfortably assume that we make New Year’s resolutions because there are more chances of reminding ourselves to reflect on the past twelve months and make appropriate decisions about the future course of action at this particular time. It is also the time family and friends celebrate and share their experiences at the end of an eventful year and hope for an even more eventful and joyous New Year. So, it makes sense to reflect upon what we have been through the last year and make resolutions that would help us become better persons in the next year. Here are some resolutions worth making this year that could enhance positivity in our lives.

1.Move often: The mundane and sedentary nature of our lifestyle has its grave consequences and to avoid those we need to get into an active mode by moving often. We need to make it a habit to get up from our seats every 20 minutes to stretch our muscles and take a few steps. * Tip: Set an alarm in the phone for every 20 minutes reminding to stretch the muscles.

2.Read more: Reading is a great habit and one can benefit from it a lot. We can start reading whatever we can lay our hands on. Holding a book, newspaper, or magazine in our hands and exploring the world with it is an experience in itself. Reading can be an amazing stress buster that also simultaneously enhances a person’s knowledge and creative quotients.

3.Enjoy nature: We are not made to be juggling and sulking in concrete jungles all day and night. Spending more time outside and enjoying Mother Nature should be one of our topmost agendas. The serenity and warmth of nature have the ability to boost our immune system and makes us happier.

4.Take pleasure in the little things: Enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean doing big things and achieving great success always. It can be as simple as taking pleasure in the most little things like listening to the chirping of birds, gazing at the stars in the night, walking barefoot on the lush grass etc.

5.Own a plant: Taking the ownership of a plant can be such an awesome experience. Watering and caring for plants is found to be an excellent way to reduce stress levels and improve concentration levels with the added benefits of improved satisfaction in life and enhanced air quality.

6.Restrict the influence of social media: It is up to us as to how we use social media and for how much time in a day. By restricting the time spent on social media, we can use that time much more productively and also restrict various factors that upset us and induce stress levels.

7.Limit mobile use: Limiting the use of mobile phones at home for other purposes than basic and urgent communication will leave us with more time to spend with family and friends personally.

8.Schedule sleep time: Sleep is that one thing that comes at the end of our priority list and at the end of our day. A person with insufficient sleep cannot work with the maximum potential and faces numerous health risks. To avoid the burnout and other side effects of inadequate sleep, it is better to fix a schedule and accordingly hit the bed daily.

9.Avoid junk food: We can take care of our health with a little caution by avoiding unnecessary junk food at odd times. Replacing nutritious sprouts and nuts for unhealthy junk food is the easiest way towards maintaining good health.