ASCs Shouldn’t Fall Behind in Using EHRs

Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) provide an amazing health care option to patients by offering high-quality services at lower costs that too sans hospital admission. There are many ASCs that provide services in only one specialty whereas some provide services across multiple specialties. Whatever kind of services they provide, ASCs need to adopt electronic health records so as comply with the Meaningful Use. The purpose of adopting the EHR systems for Meaningful Use is to improve the quality of the healthcare provided along with the safety and efficiency to enhance the processes of storing and sharing the critical patient data.

However, there are still many ASCs that haven’t started implementing the EHR solutions yet, due to which they are losing on many benefits such as:

Data accessibility: The healthcare providers have better and easy access to critical patient data facilitating better care coordination among various parties involved.

Patient safety: With important data at the fingertips, there will be an improvement in the quality of care provided thereby increasing the safety of patients’ health.

Regulatory compliance: With appropriate EHR systems in place, there is no need to worry about complying with regulatory issues.

Data assessment: When appropriate EHR solutions are implemented in a facility, it facilitates saving quality data that can be assessed for multiple purposes.

Valuable insights: With the various productivity reports and other reports available, it gets easier to identify the problem areas in the facility management and gain valuable insights about the facility’s financial aspects.

People wonder why ASCs don’t implement the EHR systems when they are so beneficial. The reason lies in the fact that it comes with high costs, complexity in implementation, a few problems in the daily activities of the facility etc. Another big reason for the ASCs to stay away from this is that they don’t get any incentives like the physician practices, which is a big demotivating factor.

But the long-term benefits of adopting EHRs outshine the negative factors discussed above to a great extent which can’t be denied. Along with the benefits, market trends like switch towards interoperability and focus on tracking and reporting patient data are also big influencing factors that promote the implementation of electronic health records in ASCs. Considering all these factors, ASCs should not ignore implementing EHRs.