Tips to Use PowerPoint Presentation Effectively

PowerPoint presentation is one thing that is equally used for educational purposes and business purposes. PowerPoint is a software application with built-in graphics and tools that facilitates users to create striking visual presentations that can be used for various occasions like meetings, training etc. Let us look at some tips that can be used to make effective presentations at our office meetings and training sessions.

Make a plan: Before creating the PowerPoint presentation it is better to make a plan of the presentation with details of what is going to be said in it. It helps to a great extent if you can write out what you want to present in the slides. The slides should be prepared with an exciting beginning, middle, and end parts that are awaited eagerly by the viewers.

Focus on one point: While making slides it has to be remembered that at any particular point of time, there should be only one thing on the screen that you want to talk about. If you have different things to speak about, go slow and talk about one thing at a time. If you put multiple things in a slide, the audience will not concentrate on what you are saying and would jump to next points even before you finish the first point. An important aspect that has to be taken note of is that as a presenter you should be able to give information as you prefer and make your audience follow your thoughts.

Avoid paragraphs: A big mistake done by many presenters is that they fill their slides with big paragraphs when the basic idea of preparing slides is to show the audience the main idea of the presentation or give them an outline of your presentation through the slides. Never ever fill your slides with lengthy paragraphs and read from them which is the sure shot way to fail in giving a presentation.

Be careful with font: Use a font like Arial, Calibri, or Sans Serifs that are easy to read on screen for the main content or body text. If essential, choose a decorative font for slide headers but only if they too are easy to read on screens.

Use colors thoughtfully: You should choose the colors of background and font carefully after giving it considerable thought. When a dark color is used for the background, the text font should be light to ensure it is readable. However, it is advisable to use only light colors for background and use dark colors for the text part unless and until a dark background is a standard template for your business.

Check the alignment: Every slide should be properly formatted with either a left or right alignment to give the presentation a professional image.

Avoid clutter: To make the most of a PowerPoint presentation it is essential that you stick to the concept of minimal content and avoid any kind of clutter.

Use images in moderation: Some people think that images create interest among the audience and some people think images distract the audience from the core topic. Hence, it is ‘you’ who has to decide if images are absolutely necessary to drive the point accurately or not.

Present smartly: Although PowerPoint slides help you in your presentation they are not the actual presentation and it is ‘you’ who has to present the slides to the audience. To make your presentation an effective one, focus on your communication skills, body language, and presentation manner. Make your presentation a memorable and effective one by making it a two-way communication rather than showcasing your oratory skills.

These are some tips to up your PowerPoint presentation skills and create slideshows that can be easily created, updated, and even effectively showcased to induce visual interest in the audience