With Avontix’s Billing solution, our certified billing experts provide the highest rates of accuracy, limiting denials and increasing first pass rates. When integrated seamlessly with our Healthcare Documentation and Coding solutions, claims can be submitted as quickly as 48 hours after the case is performed. Our highly efficient process guarantees faster payments, with fewer days in A/R.

Why Avontix Billing?

Get paid faster than ever before

Insight into every step of the process

Automated and human processes ensure accuracy

Billing support is available 24/7/365

Features And Benefits


Run reports anytime to gain valuable insights and facilitate accurate financial planning.


Claims are submitted within 48 hours of the date of service with high first pass rate.


Complete access to your data allows you to know the status of your claims at all times.


A dedicated team of billing experts ensures there are no delays in the revenue cycle.


The encrypted system guarantees your data is always secure.


We use reporting to trend your business and help you gain valuable insights into how to operate more efficiently. Understanding what services, providers and specialties are your most/least profitable, will allow you to make informed financial planning decisions on how to optimize your business. Our reporting is fully customizable, which will help illustrate all aspects of your business needs without having to request access or waste time searching for the right data.