Managed Care Contracting

Optimized solution for maximized reimbursement

Our optimized managed care contracting solution maximizes your reimbursements and enables long-term stability. Our experienced team ensures you have accurately managed care contracts that are evaluated and negotiated with extensive specialized experience and knowledge of deep industry insights and benchmarks.

Why Avontix Managed Care Contracting?

Features And Benefits

Extensive Network

Extensive Network

Our extensive provider network allows access to a wide pool of healthcare providers.
Optimized Revenues

Optimized Revenues

Our specialization in negotiation enables you to gain favorable contracts with payers that are structured to optimize reimbursement rates.
Mitigated Risks Icon

Mitigated Risks

Stay compliant with regular communication on payer updates, requirements, and notices.
Access Benchmarks Icon

Access Benchmarks

Analyze and optimize with access to payer and industry insights and benchmarks.