Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Unmatched Speed and Accuracy for Your Revenue Cycle

With nearly 20 years of experience serving healthcare organizations, Avontix has developed a proprietary healthcare revenue cycle methodology that results in unparalleled financial results for facilities across the USA.

Our consolidated revenue cycle management process drives efficiency and transparency at every step, from Healthcare Documentation to Coding to Billing. We start by making it easier for physicians to dictate on time by offering multiple options for dictation. Notifications are sent to remind them of cases not dictated and reports that need to be signed. Combining healthcare documentation with coding further streamlines the revenue cycle by producing transcribed and coded cases within 24 hours of the initial dictation. This accelerated process allows our Billing experts to submit claims as quickly as 48 hours from the case is performed.

Our Competitive Advantages


We provide each client with a specific team of Healthcare Documentation Specialists, Certified Coders and Billing Experts to deliver the highest levels of accuracy.


Our innovative features and technology make it easy for physicians and facility staff to manage all aspects of the revenue cycle. From beginning to end, our solutions have been designed to make the revenue cycle operate more efficiently.


We have a multi-tiered Quality Assurance protocol designed to eliminate mistakes at each step of the revenue cycle and limit any delays in reimbursement.


Collecting and analyzing historical, current and predictive data allows us to measure all of our clients’ revenue cycle processes in order to make continuous improvements in providing the best possible service.


We are dedicated to providing open and transparent communication with our clients throughout every step of the revenue cycle process. Our customer service team is available 24/7/365 to answer questions and/or provide technical support.