Technology Infrastructure

Reliability, Speed, Confidentiality and Peace of Mind

Avontix provides the highest available level of reliability, speed and security. Our system has been designed from the ground up with your confidentiality in mind. Various physical and logical protections ensure against unauthorized access, loss of PHI, or third-party interception of information.

  • 256-bit SSL Encryption for all communication over public networks, with 4096 bit key.
  • ClientID / UserID / Password for client access. Passwords are enforced to be complex and must be changed periodically.
  • Two Factor Authentication is available, using SMS, Email, and Google Authenticator.
  • All access to system logged and auditable.
  • Access by users of any document is logged.
  • All healthcare documentation and coding is done in a controlled environment. MTs have limited physical access to any PCs used in the healthcare documentation process, all of which have removable media disabled. No PHI may be removed from healthcare documentation facilities.
  • All changes to documents are audited and reversible.
  • All documents stored on Avontix servers and emails sent by Avontix services are virus-scanned using Avast and/or BitLocker.
  • All transmission of documents by fax is audited and can only be sent to “Fax Recipients” added by authorized users of the system.
  • All Avontix file resources are protected by agents which detect unauthorized file encryption and immediately terminate access to the offending user/process.
  • All files, documents, web resources, and databases are backed up to multiple, separate, encrypted destinations, ensuring quick recovery in the case of catastrophic loss.
  • All Avontix employees are trained in identifying and resisting ransomware and phishing attempts.
  • The File Print application polls the Avontix website every five minutes for new documents; no information is sent to Avontix in doing so.
  • Clients using hand-held recorders use the Recorder Downloader and Send Dictations applications to securely upload DSS files, in conjunction with the Olympus DSS Player Pro application, for playing those files.