Month: August 2018

Benefits of Implementing EHRs in ASC

Implementing electronic health records (EHRS) that have a systemized collection of patient data in a digital format has become mandatory for all the health care providers to receive benefits from the government. Electronic health records facilitate providing information instantly and securely to authorized users in real-time. EHR systems help in storing a patient’s medical history, […]

Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices

Medical billing is an important function for the healthcare providers, helping them to recover the expenses incurred while providing treatment and care to patients. The medical billers take information from various sources especially from medical coders who give the universally acceptable alpha-numeric codes to the diagnoses, treatments, and medications and produce bills to claim reimbursements […]

Rationale for Choosing a Medical Coding Career

One of the fastest developing fields in the healthcare industry but is not on the clinical side of the industry is medical coding. A medical coder is a health-information professional who assigns medical codes to a patient’s diagnoses and treatment procedures with the information gathered from various sources. These medical codes are used later by […]

Factors Influencing Quality in Healthcare Documentation

Quality takes a prominent place in every kind of business and it is no different in medical transcription or healthcare documentation which deals with the significant and sensitive patient information. Medical transcription is a profession where the healthcare documentation specialists also referred to as medical transcriptionists listen to the audio files dictated by physicians regarding […]

Understand the Advantages of Electronic Health Records

To meet the “meaningful use” requirements it has become necessary for healthcare organizations to implement electronic health records (EHRs) that are the digital records of health information of patients. The EHRs contain all the information that’s available in paper charts including medical history, diagnoses, medications, vital signs, info on allergies, and laboratory reports. The electronic […]