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Medical transcription has been one of the best career options for many graduates with good English language skills. With a little bit effort in learning the medical terminology, many people have made a successful career in the medical transcription services. Many job aspirants get skeptical that opportunities in medical transcription may dwindle with time. However, there are many medical transcription companies in Hyderabad that provide training and jobs to true aspirants. Here are the reasons for the growing outsourced jobs in transcription services.

Quality services: Outsourcing of medical transcription to companies like Avontix that work from India gives the assurance of quality services to the healthcare providers. These companies strictly adhere to the global procedures and follow the rules and regulations without any deviation.

Accurate records: The process of medical transcription followed in these companies is very stringent. After the audio files are transcribed, the processes of editing, proofreading and quality control are also followed rigorously to avoid any kind of errors. This means that healthcare providers receive accurate medical reports that are of the highest quality.

Lucrative option for providers: Medical providers in the USA benefit a lot by outsourcing their medical transcription work to companies here in India. The factors that benefit them are the low rate per line and the low labor costs.

Seasonal fluctuations: We know that medical transcription is majorly outsourced by the US healthcare providers. In America availability of personnel who deal with transcription services may be difficult in the festive holiday season. Such things do not happen with companies working from India and uninterrupted services will be provided to the physicians
No Setup costs: When transcription work is outsourced, the setup costs of in-house medical transcription infrastructure are not eliminated which helps the healthcare providers to use these finances towards better healthcare facilities and equipment.

Time zone: The difference in the time zone of the US healthcare providers and the medical transcriptionists in India works as an advantage to the physicians as they can get their files transcribed and reported to them on the following day.

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Medical Transcription – Outsourcing Industry -Avontix