Crazy Productivity Tips that Actually Work!

Everything from music to Facebook, the secret to productivity is in the very things we are asked to avoid!Check out these tips on increasing productivity, the crazy way…

1. Listen to music, dude! If you have a headset on, maybe it won’t go down well with the boss. But then, according to a study at the University of Windsor, Canada, listening to music during work helps people finish their work faster and with a better quality than those who don’t. But if your boss gets to see your head banging before he sees the great work you have accomplished, don’t blame it on us if he fires you!  

  1. Facebook your way to glory… Mindless tasks such as checking out those nice red pop ups on that blue Facebook ribbon could trick your brain into thinking that it has done something worthwhile. Simply put, it gives you a brain boost. Moreover, a study by Evolvon data from Fortune 500 companies showed a correlation between output per employee and usage of social networks. According to the study, “Employees who belonged to more than five social networks had a 1.6 percent higher sales conversion than their counterparts and a 2.8 percent lower average call time.” Before you get confused, let’s tell you that social media helps build more rewarding networks that assist in closing sales and generating leads more efficiently. But unless you are in the marketing field, Facebook and the likes could prove to be a distraction. Be smart and keep them to the minimum!
  1. Do something impossible Remember the game of Truth or Dare we all played at some point in life? Doing a daring or impossible task makes other tasks comparatively easier to achieve. By overwhelming the brain with an impossible task, we can condition it into thinking that any other task (especially the loads of work you are piled up with!) is easier to accomplish. It is a great way to increase brain capacity. So the next time you are handed a task which you think is hard, turn to your friend or colleague and ask him to give you a dare before setting out to finish your business!
  2. Use technology to steal some nap time 😉 We all know that a short ten-minute nap increases productivity. Let technology do the talking and streamline your tasks using productivity apps, reminders and schedulers. That way, you can have more time to do the napping. But mind you, don’t sleep through your entire work day or else that will be the only thing you will be left with to do!!!

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Crazy Productivity Tips that Actually Work!
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