5 Fun Things You Can Do on the Internet but Didn’t Know!

Yeah, that happens a lot! You sit on the web far too long and wonder if there was anything better than lazing over Facebook or going over and over on YouTube. Well, there are an awful lot of fun (and sometimes pointless) things to do on the web when you want to kill that boredom for a moment.

1. Coffee in the Rain!(www.Rainycafe.com)

This appears to be one completely pointless website that helps you imagine yourself sitting in a coffee shop, listening to mild music and the voice of people buzzing around. To add to the drama, you could also choose to hear the sound of rain in the background. Wow. That gives a nice ambience. Now, the makers of the website say that “a moderate level of noise”such as this helps enhance creativity and encourages people to “think at a higher, abstract level, and consequently exhibit higher creativity.” So if you want to get your creative juices flowing, just put on this website and… paint something, write something or read something!

2.Make a Wish!(www.Wishpush.com)

It’s crazy, but this website actually asks you to make a wish! Just click on the star at this beautiful website once you make a wish and who knows your wish could be answered. Maybe you could give it a try!

3. Say Something Without Getting Caught! (www.sharpmail.co.uk)

So you always wanted to tell your friend how awful that deodorant smells, or your wife never to make that chicken at parties? Whatever your ‘smart’ brain conceived but you couldn’t convey, here is the chance to say it anonymously. You can send an email or an SMS as an anonymous sender without the recipient knowing your email id or phone number. The email cannot be traced back to you! Now, now, don’t get any wrong ideas and use the site for anything but pranks, ‘coz my friend, your account could be suspended.

4. Turn Your Name into a Face! (www.turnyournameintoaface.com)

How would it be if your name was turned to a face? Just visit the site and type your name for a funny output.  

5. Talk to Alice (www.alice.pandorabots.com)

If you don’t have Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana, you can chat with A.L.I.C.E., the original chat bot who’ll give you some fun answers to cheeky questions. Alice’s artificial intelligence will surely amuse you! You can also chat with C.L.A.U.D.I.O., the Personality Test Bot to find out your personality type or with DAVE, the E. S. L. Bot to practice your English!       Do you know any fun things on the net to talk about? Just keep us posted!

5 Fun Things You Can Do on the Internet but Didn’t Know!