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Hi friends…How is the New Year? Have you started it on a positive note? We all want to be positive in our lives, bring positivity to the environment we are in. But, all things do not occur according to our wishes and there will be certain negative moments, there will be certain people who are full of negative thoughts and pass on their negativity to us as well. You should take care that their negativity does not affect you and let’s see how you can achieve that.

Like-minded people come together:
Believe it or not, like-minded people come together. So, be sure you do not have and carry any negative thoughts. Firstly, analyze yourself and make sure that you are not rubbing your negativity on them and blaming them. If you are entertaining negative thoughts, then just discard them ruthlessly. Then, see the change. If you genuinely feel that the other person only has negativity, then, the following points are for you.
Set boundaries and take ownership:
Don’t get affected by somebody else’s thoughts and behavior. For this, you ought to set some boundaries for yourself and not let people with negative thoughts enter your zone. Do not listen and give value to their thoughts. Else, that negativity will enter your life and affect your attitude. Since you do not have any power to control the other person’s thoughts and behavior, you can take control of your decision to engage with such a person or not.

Don’t give too much importance:
Though you don’t want to engage with people who have negative thoughts, sometimes you cannot escape from some situations. There will be circumstances where somebody irritates or troubles you. In such cases, try to be calm and have control over your emotions. Arguments will only worsen the matters and escalate problems. Choose to stay out of avoidable conflicts and don’t waste your time on analyzing their behavior. This way, you can distance yourself from being emotionally influenced by their actions.

Try to see the positive side:
Try to identify what is positive in such people and how that can be utilized to improve your relations. Be gentle and patient with them and with yourself to understand them. Make them understand the positive attributes they have and shift the focus towards those. It will take some time, but that’s ok.
Have a support system:
This is very important to stay positive and not get influenced by the negative people. Build a network of positive people who know you and can analyze things properly. Situations may arise when you get affected by the negative people around you, even after being careful. In such situations, to avoid getting carried away emotionally, take help from your network. Many times, an outsider can see the situation with a different perception and help you to handle the situation in a better way.

Finally, what matters the most is your positivity. Build your positive energy like you would want to build your bank balance. Don’t let it dwindle. Your happiness and positive attitude will help in guarding you against others’ negativity and rudeness. The mantra to follow is – stay positive, stay positive, and stay positive.

Deal Positively with Negative People -Avontix