Does a Healthcare Documentation Specialist Add Value to Healthcare Quality?

Medical transcription or healthcare documentation is a crucial process in the healthcare industry that deals with the voice records of physicians giving details about the medical reports of the patients. The medical reports that consist of details pertaining to the diagnoses, medication, lab reports, and treatment procedures performed on patients are provided to the healthcare documentation specialists or medical transcriptionists through voice files that are recorded over the phone or uploaded on websites through the internet.

Healthcare documentation specialists play a critical role in the quality of health care provided by health care providers as they render electronic documentation of procedures performed by the physicians and facilitate creating treatment history of the patients in an electronic mode that is easily accessible when necessary. The professionals in healthcare documentation jobs have a tremendous responsibility on them to transcribe sensitive and confidential information of the patients into an accurate text document that can be used later for treatment purposes or to combat legal battles if any regarding the patient health and treatment procedures.

Transcribing medical reports is a process that needs the healthcare documentation specialists to work on even the minutest details for which high levels of patience, focus, and attention to detail are the prerequisites. The healthcare documentation jobs are vital in creating an accurate patient medical history that becomes a reference for the physician and his course of the treatment plan. Hence, accuracy tops the list of requirements in this profession where a hastily prepared transcription report can alter the course of treatment and adversely affect the patient’s health. Apart from the fact that these reports play a crucial role in the decision-making process for the physicians and support staff, the transcription reports are the basis for the medical coding and billing professionals who prepare the medical bills and claims that are important to receive reimbursements from the insurance companies for the services provided. All these facts prove that medical transcriptionists definitely add value to the quality of health care provided by the healthcare providers as they have valuable information in an electronic format that is easily accessible by multiple physicians.

Does a Healthcare Documentation Specialist Add Value to Healthcare Quality?
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