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Medical practice rules and regulations have made it compulsory for all the doctors and health practices to adopt electronic health records. With the emergence of new technologies, new techniques and methods of maintaining electronic health records are emerging. One of these new methods is the electronic health records going the mobile way. The EHR solutions that work on the mobile platform and are connected with cloud technology have numerous benefits that ultimately increase the practice’s regulatory compliance. Here are some of the benefits of mobile EHR solutions.

  • Complete records maintenance: If the cloud technology is used with mobile or tablet devices, it brings in the benefit of maintaining records with accurate and complete information as the mobile devices can be handed out to the patients to fill their medical history on their own.
  • Complete medical history and charts availability: It is well-known that a healthcare provider’s decision on the kind of care and treatment that should be provided depends on the patient’s medical history. A well-maintained mobile electronic health record of the patient gives the providers a quick access to the patient records and charts at their fingertips which helps in making informed decisions faster. Also, the availability of all patients’ medical history and their charts give the health practices and doctors to understand their patients’ health trends and treat them in a measure and scientific manner.
  • Connectivity to labs and pharmacy: Mobile electronic health records facilitate connectivity with labs and pharmacies that reduce the time you spend on switching among various systems to ensure that you get the right information from the right providers. It also minimizes the need for re-entering the same data multiple times in different systems for different accesses. A mobile electronic health record with patient portal helps in accessing medications and reports faster thereby considerably reducing wastage of time on printing these.
  • Ease in scheduling: With mobile electronic health records, it gets easier for the doctor and the team to schedule patient appointments and limit the number of patients as the situation demands.
  • Billing and revenue generation: All the hard work done goes futile if you don’t receive payments for the services provided. For proper revenue generation in time, billing has to be done accurately and promptly. Mobile EHR solutions provide systems that have advanced payment capture and give accurate billing information to patients so as to receive prompt payments from the insurer or the patient.
  • Secured health records: The thought that security of data that is saved using cloud technology is compromised is totally baseless and a properly handled electronic health records system has more advanced security features that ensure the utmost privacy of patient data and adhere to the security compliance guidelines.

Slowly but steadily, the mobile electronic health records system is catching up with the practices and this is good in the long run for both practices and patients. Visit us at Avontix the best EHR solutions provider in Hyderabad, for the best chart management solutions for ASCs.

Electronic Health Records Going the Mobile Way -Avontix
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