How EHRs help in the Reduction of Operational Costs? -Avontix

Electronic health records is the word that is being used most often these days for the provision of quality healthcare to patients and all kinds of healthcare facilities are vigilant about the role it plays in generating timely revenues for the facility. Electronic health records save both time and money of a doctor because they have accurate patient records with the proper documentation of all the treatments and procedures performed. They also provide accurate data for medical coding and billing requirements. That gives the reason why healthcare facilities in the US are spending billions of money on EHR solutions.

Cost and Money Saving:
Before the shift to EHR solutions, healthcare facilities had to spend a lot of amount and time on maintaining paper records of the patients. It was a tedious task to maintain piles of paper records of the patients in the facilities. Now, after the facilities have switched over to the digital mode of documenting patient data, facilities are saving considerably and it is also getting easier for doctors and specialists to retrieve important patient information when it is needed. Moreover, it is estimated that thousands of dollars are being saved by facilities per patient with the digitized information every year. Outlined below are few points that back the digital form of documentation.

  • Per an estimate, over 100 billion dollars could be saved over the next 10 years.
  • With EHR solutions being implemented, the rate of dosage errors and other medical errors is decreasing.
  • The patient information at the fingertips of physicians minimizes the risk of prescribing medications that trigger any allergies and intolerance in the patient.
  • It is estimated that around 50 billion dollars are spent yearly on duplicated diagnostic procedures and wrong medications. This amount can be considerably saved with the electronic records as the information is readily available for every patient. Also, these records turn into referrals and help specialists in comprehending the patient’s history.
  • The electronic health records help the facilities in analyzing the insurance coverage a patient has and then decide on providing the treatment.
  • With these records, the use of wrong medicines gets minimized as the prescriptions can be directly sent to the drug stores and there will be no problem of comprehending a physician’s illegible handwriting.

Thus, the electronic health records give savings in operational costs and must be adopted by all the facilities. If you are an ASC, join hands with Avontix, one of the best EHR solutions providers in Hyderabad.

How EHRs help in the Reduction of Operational Costs? -Avontix
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