How to Get Work Done Much Faster without Giving Up Quality

quality of work

In today’s fast-paced world, the only way a person can succeed in one’s career is by developing the skill of working really fast without compromising on the quality of work as it is as important as the pace of getting it done and people should never ignore quality in the race to finish work soon. In this scenario, it is really essential to know and practice working at a faster pace and yet keep the quality of work at the highest levels.  Let us see how we can speed up our work and at the same time maintain high quality.

  • Set a timer – Setting a timer on every major task will help us finish tasks in minimal time because without a deadline we will take more time than needed to finish a particular task. Setting a deadline for each and every major task will help us plan our schedule productively and effectively as our time is specifically allotted for a task and we will be psychologically bound by that timetable.
  • Imagine the day to end much earlier – An amazing and unbelievable way of doing work much faster is imagining that we will only work for a half-day while starting our workday. A feeling that we have only a little time at hand will make us think fast and work fast without procrastinating and wasting time on futile activities.
  • Do homework – We should make a habit to work from home at least for half-an-hour to an hour on a daily basis in the early mornings so that we are not distracted by the numerous emails, phone calls and other disturbances of the office environment. At the least, we should try to focus on the list of tasks to be completed on that particular day so that our schedule is planned and we can jump to work as soon as we reach the office. This will help us get things done quicker than doing everything once reaching office.
  • Prioritize tasks – We should always prioritize our tasks on urgency levels and the importance they hold. Tasks that are not much important should be finished off in the least possible time and the rest of the time should be effectively used for tasks of greater importance. We cannot utilize our time effectively and be efficient in our work if we spend time equally for both important and not-so-important tasks. We should learn to spend only that much time on a task that is really needed and not anything more than that.

Practicing and implementing the few techniques mentioned above can really help us improve our speed and getting things done quicker while maintaining accuracy and quality levels. Getting things done faster and smarter is a capability that all of us can develop and achieve with little practice and perseverance.

How to Get Work Done Much Faster without Giving Up Quality
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