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We all cherish our childhood days. Why? We all love the days gone-by in our childhood because we had plenty of time to ourselves. We played, talked and did what ever made us happy. We love those days because now we don’t do the things that we did then. Now we don’t have time, patience and energy to do those things that we loved to do then. When we don’t have enough time to talk to our family, then how can we expect to have a good social life? Without a proper social life, we cannot be happy and satisfied all by ourselves.

No doubt that technological advancement has made our life better in many ways. But, at the same time, it has also resulted in diminishing our work-life balance and thus increased stress in us. We couldn’t even figure out when working from 9:00 AM to 09:00 PM has become an accepted and unwritten norm for us. The technology boons like the laptop and smart phone have erased out the fine line between office and home timings. Even during vacations we are almost always expected to respond to our official calls or emails. This is taking us away from family and friends and ruled out our work-life balance. It is high time we understand that for a healthy and happy life we should be able to strike a balance between our professional and personal lives.

Accomplishing a work-life balance should be one of the priorities in today’s working people as an imbalance in this leads to stress, fatigue, loss of control on emotions and strained relationships. Let us try to understand how a proper work-life balance helps us.

Reduced Stress: While stress to a certain extent is unavoidable and also good at times to bring the best out of us, too much stress on a regular basis will lead to burnout which is not good in any way. Burnout will cause tensions and will impact negatively on our personal, professional and social life. We should take care not to bring home the work stress which is the first step in achieving work-life balance. If we are unable to do this, then we should sort this out by talking to our managers and figuring out how we can reduce stress and increase productivity too at work.

Greater Control: With the proper balance between our work and personal life comes greater control on our priorities and focus areas which require our attention. While we are with the family, we should give our full attention to the person with whom we are spending time. Whether it is our parent, partner or child we should remember that only when we are focusing on them without thinking of work, then our conversation will be wholesome and strengthens our bond. This will in return reflect on our work front because we can dedicatedly focus on our work when we have a loving and caring family to support us in all ups and downs of life.

Better Health: It is a fact that stress and burnouts lead to various health problems which are associated with lifestyle. Two of the common health issues one has to face as a result of stress are hypertension and diabetes. These two again lead to a number of serious health disorders which can deteriorate our life with great impact. So, maintaining a good work-life balance will ultimately give you good health. We should all recognize the importance of work-life balance to live a healthy and happy life. So, start working towards bringing a change in your life, right from this moment. Have a great day!

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Importance of Work- Life Balance -Avontix