Incredible Power of a Tidy Desk at the Workplace

What turns off you at a workspace when you walk through? For most of the people, it is the workstation in disarray. Many people tend to think that a cluttered workspace gives an impression of being hard-working and busy. But, for people to perform better with high levels of concentration and be productive consistently, it is essential that they keep their workspace organized and tidy. It is understood that people who are not organized and work in a cluttered space tend to suffer from uncalled for stress and anxiety. To avoid such a stressful life and to tidy up your space and have peace with yourself, here are some awesome tips.

Deal with your papers: Papers whether they are documents or any other trash take up a lot of space and are one of the major reasons for a cluttered workstation. So, it should come naturally to deal with them first. File all the important papers in the designated folders and discard what is scrap.

Discard things not needed: Like the unnecessary papers, discard all those items on your desk that you don’t use. You might have over-crowded your space with all those goodies or gifts you received long ago. You might want to have a fresh look at your desk and remove things that really don’t fit in the place but you have put for décor reasons such as a coffee mug, photo frame etc.

Organize those haywire cables: Just have a proper look at your desk and check the cables that are running haywire and remove the ones that are not needed. Whatever cables are needed to support your work, keep them, but ensure they are fixed and organized properly.

Avoid eating at workstation: Eating at the desk may help you finish your tasks on time, but will leave your place messy and sticky. Unclean workspace due to the habit of eating at the workplace may even make you feel awkward when someone drops at your place and give an impression of unprofessionalism too.

Make a routine: All the above-mentioned points go useless until you follow this last one. Discarding unwanted things and cleaning up the desk should become a routine. Else, you tend to ignore and procrastinate doing it and make the job more tedious for yourself. Cleaning up daily is a lot easier than piling up a lot of junk and waiting for a later date to clear it.

Remembering that clean and tidy workspace improves concentration levels and thus productivity will motivate you to keep your desk organized and clutter-free. Keep your space clean and at the same time personalize it to keep you motivated and enjoy the work daily.

Incredible Power of a Tidy Desk at the Workplace