Does Technology Make Healthcare Documentation Jobs Obsolete?

Every day thousands of people visit hospitals for numerous reasons that make the doctors’ lives hectic and tough. In these situations, the healthcare documentation professionals come to the rescue of physicians and other allied hospital staff who are responsible to maintain the updated notes of the patient records. The healthcare documentation specialists deal with the process of transforming the doctor dictations into a text as transcription reports in a prescribed format. The people in healthcare documentation jobs play a vital role in the ever-growing healthcare industry with their accurate transcription reports that form a basis for further processes such as medical coding and billing of a healthcare provider.

Technology and healthcare documentation: Although conventionally a transcriptionist listens to the audio file dictated by the physician and transcribes, with the advancements in technology, speech recognition software is being used by many healthcare providers of late. This has created anxiety among the fraternity of healthcare documentation specialists if their services would no longer be needed and they would go jobless. However, this is not true in entirety and services of transcriptionists would be needed even though speech recognition software is used. Now, rather than just transcribing, the professionals in healthcare documentation companies would be doing more responsible jobs of proofreaders and editors to ensure the reports provided by the speech recognition software are accurate and meet the quality standards of the healthcare providers.

Medical transcriptionists will be required to understand and interpret the unpredictable and challenging voice files that are not handled effectively by the software. As per the experts in the field, speech recognition software will be used along with the services of transcriptionists and not independently as physicians are humans and no computer can understand humans and their different accents 100% accurately.

Only humans can understand humans better, hence there will always be a need for talented and skilful transcriptionists. The only change could be related to their job profile as they would be needed to proofread and edit the reports generated by the voice recognition software. Join Avontix, one of the best healthcare documentation companies that provide in-depth knowledge of medical transcription services.

Does Technology Make Healthcare Documentation Jobs Obsolete?
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