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With the technology boom, a lot of career options have come up for the youngsters which have contributed to the growth of economy also. One of those careers is medical transcription which started in the western countries and especially the US where health care industry is insurance based for which proper documentation of all health records is vital to process the insurance claims. In these countries, for the medical insurance procedures to be hassle free three jobs in medical field play an important role. They are medical transcription, medical coding and medical billing. As a result of technology and birth of outsourcing industry, many jobs are being outsourced to India, out of which Medicaltranscription jobs take a significant portion and are creating a big number of employment opportunities in the transcription services industry.

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There are a number of players in the medical transcription services field who are making a big difference to the health care industry with their excellent work. The reasons for the growth in medical transcription jobs can be attributed to the following benefits offered by this industry:

Easy chart preparation: With transcription services, it becomes easier to maintain patient records. * Accuracy taken care of: When medical transcription was not available, the patient charts or medical records were prepared manually i.e. they were written by hand which were prone to more errors and were illegible at times. Now with medical transcription, the doctors’ dictations are recorded and they are transcribed by typing which strikes off the scope of illegibility and lost files. This helps in maintaining accuracy that helps in the easy processing of insurance claims. * Productive time for doctors increased: With the onus of maintaining health records transferred to transcriptionists, doctors have more time to deal with some more patients or give some extra time to each patient. Along with the benefits come the responsibilities that ought to be followed by the people in this industry. These are the basic principles or ethics to be followed by medical transcriptionists:

Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality of patient information is of paramount significance.

Standards: Following the professional health care documentation standards.

Timely service: Striving for the accurate and timely submission of reports Future of medical transcription:

Like all other industries, medical transcription industry is also going through many changes and it is on us, how quickly we adapt to changes. We know that technology is a double edged sword which has both positive and negative impacts. So, there is a worry that complete automation may take place in the industry with advancements in voice recognition software which will reduce the jobs in this field. However, one thing is certain and that is people will consult a doctor for some reason or the other depending on their illness and however minute it would be, a record for that has to be made. For this, people with expert skills will always be required to edit or proof-read what has been done by the computers. The key to remaining in this industry is to keep you updated always.

Visualizing the scope of opportunities, Avontix which is in the business of medical transcription in Hyderabad is offering jobs and training to aspirants who want to make a career in health care industry. Anyone who has completed graduation is eligible for our training that is best in the field of medical transcription in Hyderabad, to kick-start a career in one of the lucrative careers which also provides flexibility in working after gaining certain period of experience in the field.

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Medical Transcription and its scope -Avontix