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You perhaps want to take a break right now, as you read this. BUT, your to-do list is packed with unchecked items so you cannot afford to, is it?

Back of our minds we all know there definitely a better way to do things, but we’re just so occupied and lost in everyday mundane living  that we don’t care to make time to find it. So we just continue to live in mediocrity.

Here, we suggest a rather simple method to shift that mode – See for yourself, the power of taking breaks at work. They sure make you happier, focused and productive, whether you’re sitting together with everyone or in a cubicle. Read along and see why breaks at are so indispensable and how to use them effectively.  

Scientific reasons to take breaks at work:Breaks help us keep away boredom and help us stay focused: When you kick off work, you may be in a high energy mode, but as hours pass by you may not have the same level of enthusiasm. Brain becomes a little dull and rather unfocussed. Sometimes you may actually become irritable, ever thought why?

The science behind this is, human brain is not made to accommodate extended periods of steady focus on the same thing. But, the good news is that this can be fixed with something as simple as a break, and voila! You are back in action.  

Breaks help us retain information: Human brain operates in two modes essentially, one is the active/focus mode where we are actively learning on working on something and the other is casual/diffuse mode, where we are more at ease and generally relaxed, and not thinking very hard. We tend to assume the active mode fetches more productivity than the latter, but on the contrary the causal mode too has a huge role to play! In fact the mind solves a lot of its problems when it’s in a causal mode — breakthrough is likely to happen when you are least expecting. This is because the relaxation can allow the brain to look back and go back to valuable knowledge gained.    

Breaks help us re-evaluate our goals: Breaks allow us to really step back and see if we are walking in the right direction. It’s simple; when you are working continuously it’s easier to focus. And concentrate on minute details. But after a break, you tend to take a minute and see where you left and how the task is progressing, the holistic view.

Here are a few activities you can do while on a break:

So, now since you know how essential breaks are, it is also important to know how to use them well. 

1. Take a walk: Short strolls in the corridor or upto the canteen can ease out brain-function, increase blood flow and improve memory.

2. Eat: A healthy snack (Salad/Juice) can replenish your brain activity.

3. Read: Read a short story. It is proven that reading makes you feel calm and pleasant and empathize with other’s world.

4. Get a coffee: OK, we know you probably already thought of this option. But are you aware of the ideal coffee break timings? If you wake up between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., the ideal times for coffee would be 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

5. Listen to music: Music is the ultimate healer. It can majorly help in increasing your reasoning skills and also has several health benefits.

6. Exercise: Exercise makes you joyful, active and energetic; this in turn helps you have better focus. You can pick some simple and easy to do workouts for 10-20 mins.

7. Talk to friends or coworkers: Hanging out with coworkers can increase your productivity by taking away your focus from work related thoughts to something causal.

8. Meditate: Meditation minimizes stress levels and improves overall health as well as creativity. This is a proven fact!

9. Exercise your eyes: This, especially since your job has a lot to do with watching the screen. At least once in an hour look at objects that are 20 feet away from you, for 20 seconds.

10. Go online: Yes you heard it right, go ahead and browse you social media accounts for a brief bit (mind you, we said BIEF BIT ;). It can change your mood and energy!

Go on; take some short well deserved breaks!                                           

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The importance or breaks and how to use them effectively -Avontix