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The boom in the IT industry has brought some new careers with it. Some of them are related to the healthcare sector like medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding. There are many medicaltranscription companies in Hyderabad that offer training to aspirants and give them jobs after successful completion of training. If you are the one who is interested to take up a career in medical transcription but is apprehensive about the medical terminology associated with it, then this is for you. Medical terminology is nothing but the language of medicine. If it is a language, then it could be learnt like any other language. Usually, the method of learning a new language is reading, writing and speaking. The same concept can be used with the language of medicine also. However, it is true that learning medical terminology is equivalent to learning two languages because many medical terms are derived from other languages. Follow the tips given here to improve your medical terminology.

Learn the roots: Transcription services require a thorough knowledge of medical terminology in which most of the terms originate from another language than English. So, the best way to learn these terms is learning the root word, its prefixes and suffixes. Most of the medical terms originate from Greek or Latin. So, try to learn the more common words in these languages, their prefixes and suffixes rather than concentrating on each and every word. Many medical words are formed as a combination of root words, prefixes or suffixes. For e.g. root+suffix, prefix+root and prefix+root+suffix. Try to understand these combinations and you can soon master medical terminology.

Visual help: Take the help of images or pictures to memorize a word or term. The language of medicine is entirely new for you. So, to learn a new word, choose another word or phrase that summarizes the meaning of that word and then try to memorize this particular word by connecting it with an image or picture and visualize it. Now again correlate this with the medical term. Auditory help: Take the help of sound to memorize a new term. Break a new word according to its phonetics and try to say them loud as per the sounds of the syllables. Try to correlate the sounds with some image and this way you can remember a new term much better. Social help: You can take social help to learn new terms by interacting with people who are in the transcription services. Start conversing using the terms you have learnt which will make the words sit in your brain for a longer time.

Technology help: For the tech savvy people there are many apps available that can help you master medical terminology. Select one that suits your level of knowledge and needs. There are different learning styles and every individual has different needs. Depending upon your needs, you ought to choose which of the above tips works effectively for you to master the language of medicine. Avontix is one of the best medical transcription companies in Hyderabad that provides training and jobs.

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Tips to Learn Medical Terminology -Avontix