Why To Choose Medical Coding as a Career?

Medical coding is a career that will be always in demand in the Health care industry, if you are a graduate of Pharmacy and don’t want to make a career as a pharmacist then medical coding can be considered a good choice.

As the number of patients are increasing their data need to be transcript in the form of codes to avoid confusion and need to make it understand internationally so the data provided by patients related to their diseases and prescription everything is transcribed into codes and stored for the use of third parties or insurance companies which will use these codes and calculate the amount of claim that hospital should receive

Below are a few reasons that you should consider a career in this field….

Reasons for considering a career in medical coding:   

  1. Profession in Demand: Work in a profession that is in demand and hopefully will remain in demand even though there are some software to assist but there will not be a substitute for people who enter the details and codes related to the illness of patients.
  2. Important role in Health care: It plays an important role in the health care industry as the need for transcription and storage of details is becoming a high priority, medical coders play an important role as they can’t be substituted by any software, and also insurance claims depend on these medical codes to calculate the claims it plays an important role in the administration of Health care industry.
  3. Job Opportunities: As the demand for this field is increasing everyday proportionately the employers are increasing and the job opportunities are also increasing. People who don’t want to work as permanent employees can also look at freelancing as another option.
  4. No prerequisite: Need not be a graduate in pharmacy or any other related field to be a medical coder, any graduation with basic training would be enough to become a medical coder.

Basics of medical coding:
In medical coding training, students are taught how to view patient’s medical reports and assign codes to the diseases mentioned in the reports based on international numeric or alphanumeric codes. The students should be careful while assigning codes else it might cause a problem for the hospitals while getting bills paid through insurance claims. The course contains basics like ICD (International Classification of Diseases)-10 and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System), published by WHO (World Health Organization) in compliance with insurance requirements. It is basically a backend technical task that deals with the responsible transformation of funds from insurance companies to hospitals.

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Why To Choose Medical Coding as a Career?