Year: 2018

Take Charge of Common Issues in Medical Billing Proactively

A lot of issues are faced by healthcare organizations in the process of revenue cycle management and they need a robust system in place to tackle these issues effectively. All the various issues related to operations, communication, and finances have to be managed carefully or else healthcare providers may suffer the loss of revenue. To […]

Certifications to Elevate Your Coding Prospects

Every professional aspires to do good work and gain recognition from peers and seniors in the industry and medical coding professionals are no different in this aspect. Medical coding is a perfect example of a profession that is routine yet fascinating as the medical coders have to assign the accurate codes to the different medical […]

Does a Healthcare Documentation Specialist Add Value to Healthcare Quality?

Medical transcription or healthcare documentation is a crucial process in the healthcare industry that deals with the voice records of physicians giving details about the medical reports of the patients. The medical reports that consist of details pertaining to the diagnoses, medication, lab reports, and treatment procedures performed on patients are provided to the healthcare […]

Benefits of Implementing EHRs in ASC

Implementing electronic health records (EHRS) that have a systemized collection of patient data in a digital format has become mandatory for all the health care providers to receive benefits from the government. Electronic health records facilitate providing information instantly and securely to authorized users in real-time. EHR systems help in storing a patient’s medical history, […]

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