5 Simple Ways to Cope with Stress at Workplace

Every person who works has an experience of stress related to the workplace and it would be no exaggeration if we say that no one would be there who doesn’t feel pressure at work or has not experienced work-related stress in the entire career. Even people who love their work the most experience pressure related to work. For some, the pressure is momentary and they relieve themselves from the pressure tactfully while for some, it becomes chronic and overwhelming to handle it. Such kind of chronic stress is detrimental to health and career. So we should learn to cope with stress and here are simple ways to handle stress at the workplace.

  1. Identify your stressors: Identifying the problem is the first step to arrive at a solution. So, you should first identify the situations or places that create stress in you. You should keep a journal for a minimum period of two weeks and record all your thoughts, feelings and situations that create stress and how you respond to those circumstances. Keeping a track of your stressors and the way you responded each time will help you find patterns and understand the situations that lead to stress.
  2. Make healthy choices: It is normal for all to respond to various stress-related circumstances. But, how you respond matters a lot. Some people try to fight stress by consuming junk food, coffee/tea; smoking and alcohol. But, we all know the negative impact these things have on us. Instead of choosing these unhealthy ways of beating stress, make some healthy choices like exercising, keeping busy with some physical activity or a hobby. Another unhealthy habit you should avoid is talking negatively about others in stressful situations. Keep yourself engaged with a good book or simply take a walk. But, restrain yourself from increasing negativity within yourself and spreading negativity at the workplace.
  3. Learn relaxation methods: Learning meditation, deep breathing exercises and mindfulness is an excellent way to cope with stress positively and peacefully. Such relaxation techniques not only help deal with stress but also help in avoiding stressful situations because your concentration levels increase and your productivity too may improve. Also, you tend to become calm when you practice meditation regularly which helps in controlling your emotions and handling negative people and situations peacefully.
  4. Talk to your manager and colleagues: Once you track your stressors, you should talk to your manager or colleagues depending on the need. Have an open conversation with your manager and colleagues to sort out issues if any. You should talk to understand what is expected of you and what’s hindering you to meet those expectations. Ask for additional resources if needed or make some changes to your workstation to make it more comfortable.
  5. Seek help: Ask for help from your family members and trusted friends at or outside the workplace to manage stress. Accepting that you are under stress and letting them know will help them to deal with you in a friendly way even in tough situations. This will help in reducing further stressful situations and pressure.

Stress is inevitable and you should inculcate habits that help you deal with stress in a healthy and positive way. Managing stress effectively is not only essential for a flourishing career but also for both your physical and mental health.

5 Simple Ways to Cope with Stress at Workplace
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