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Yes, it is a big question for many. Should I join my team in AFC or enjoy my favorite food at KFC? But, why? Why should it be a question at all? You are into the second week of the Avontix Fitness Challenge and by now you know that AFC is not about restricting yourself from your favorite food. It is about a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, workout regularly and stay fit. Pampering your taste buds with your favorite junk food once in a while is alright. But, if you are still thinking, why so much importance is given to fitness, then this is for you. Read on…
What is fitness?
Fitness comprises both physical fitness and mental fitness and it is balancing the body’s ability to work and mind’s ability to think properly.

Why fitness?
Fitness is crucial for your health. If you are fit, you are healthy, so you are energetic, so you are confident, so you are successful in whatever you do and so you are happy. This means fitness is important to lead a healthy and happy life.
How physical activity helps?
Physical activity helps maintain a relaxed state of mind and also helps maintain the optimum weight of the body. Physical activity and fitness result in a healthier life. A person who is physically fit is also mentally strong enough to face the challenges of life and is not deterred by any untoward incidents.

How to be physically fit?

Eat healthy: Eating healthy food is the first step towards fitness. Taking a well-balanced diet helps you gain the calories and nutrients that are needed for a fit body. It is not just about eating but eating right kind of food at appropriate intervals. It is important to make way for healthy breakfasts, lunch and dinner along with some workout snacks. Not skipping your first meal of the day i.e. breakfast will help you to stay energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day. According to some reports, eating breakfast regularly lowers the risk of diseases associated with the lifestyle like obesity, hypertension and diabetes. We are sure; nobody wants to take the risk of inviting these diseases. Remember, a healthy diet is a right blend of all the nutrients required by the body.

Renounce unhealthy habits: Forgoing unhealthy habits is as much required as taking healthy food. Avoiding junk food, fizzy drinks, quitting smoking and alcohol significantly alter your fitness levels. Avoiding these unhealthy habits will detox your body and this has to be understood the practical way. If you are indulging in any of these habits, this is the right time to quit and see the difference for yourself.

Pamper the body with physical activity: It may sound contradicting to use physical activity with pampering. But, you pamper someone with something they like, even if you don’t like it. The same way, the body likes physical activity. So pamper it with exercises and activities even if your mind doesn’t like it. You will get habituated to daily exercises in no time.

We hope by the time you are reading this, you have made up your mind to take up the Avontix fitness challenge. It is not to challenge somebody else. It is to challenge your own habits. It is not to win others, but to win your health and life.
Congrats for your decision and wish you all the best. Our AFC team is always with you in all your endeavors.

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AFC or KFC? -Avontix