Factors that Affect the Use of EHRs -Avontix

There are numerous challenges faced by the healthcare industry in adopting Electronic health records. Though many facilities feel that shifting to electronic health records is a burden because of various costs and challenges faced due to the information technology related administrative issues, it is becoming compulsory for all to make that move. Here we shall see few factors that are likely to affect the use of EHRs:

  • Physician dissatisfaction: It is common to see that many physicians are not satisfied with the EHR systems. This could be due to various reasons like the administrative load on the physicians while maintaining EHRs and the reduction in the time the physicians are able to spend with the patients for providing quality and better service.
  • Government rules and goals: The EHR policy requirements may change owing to change in the administration and may bring a lot of changes in the EHR vendors and their services.
  • Security concerns: Enormous importance should be given to the security of patient data and this is at risk with the issues like ransomware attacks and data breaches. Hence, going forward it will be a tough decision for hospitals and other health facilities to solely depend on EHR solutions and IT systems to run their organizations. To tackle this problem, it is vital for EHR vendors to improve data security measures and protect data privacy.
  • Staff crunch: It is common that the health care facilities do not invest much on recruiting IT experts on staff, but henceforth, it will become necessary to hire specialists in information technology as well to cope with the latest developments in technology that are becoming an integral part of the healthcare business. Without in-house information technology experts, it gets difficult for the hospital management to cope with issues faced in using EHR solutions and reap their benefits optimally.

With the growth in health care providing facilities and their need to adopt EHR solutions, there is a vast scope of growth in the EHR field and EHR jobs. Avontix is one of the best EHR solutions providers in Hyderabad.

Factors that Affect the Use of EHRs -Avontix
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