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These days professions related to the health information technology like healthcare documentation, medical coding, and medical billing are much sought after by graduates. These are the fields in the healthcare industry that don’t require studying medicine but give an opportunity to work in the industry. Healthcare documentation or medical transcription deals with documenting the voice records of physicians that provide the details pertaining to the services provided to a patient. Medical coding professionals infer data from these documents and other sources and assign codes to all the patient ailments and services provided. Thereafter, the people in medical billing jobs raise the bills for the services provided based on these codes and present them to the insurance providers or patients depending on their insurance coverage.

One thing very clear from the description of these professionals’ jobs is that all these people need to understand medical terminology pretty well to be able to perform their job with perfection. Usually, the healthcare documentation companies provide fundamental training to the employees to understand the human anatomy and medical terminology. However, for a person with a non-life-sciences background, it gets a bit challenging to grasp these matters quickly. In such cases, the people in medical coding jobs and medical billing jobs can help themselves with some online resources. Here given are few such online resources that help in understanding medical jargon in a better and faster way.

  • Des Moines University medical center (https://www.dmu.edu/medterms): This online resource is really helpful to people who want to brush up their medical terminology or studying medical terminology out of curiosity to help them in their profession.
  • Nurseslabs (https://nurseslabs.com/medical-terminologies-abbreviations-listcheat-sheet/): This website facilitates in comprehending the various abbreviations and acronyms used in medical language.
  • Free medical dictionary (http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/): This online resource is useful to people in allied medical professions who want to update themselves with thousands of medical abbreviations, test procedures, medications etc. Per the website, it has over 45,000 entries which are part of healthcare industry.

Whether you a new entrant to the healthcare industry or have been working for a while, these online resources are certainly going to help you.

Few Quick Online Resources to Understand Medical Terminology -Avontix
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