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Along with medical transcription and medical coding, another career that can be built in the healthcare industry is medical billing. This is one field which is critical in healthcare industry due to its function of facilitating insurance claims process. Medical billing is a procedure followed in the USA where the health care providers like doctors and hospitals submit and follow up insurance claims for the services rendered by them to the patients. We have numerous opportunities in medical billing in Hyderabad.

The process of medical billing starts from the time a patient visits the doctor for an appointment and ends when the final payment for treatment availed by the patient is settled either by the insurer or the patient where any treatment procedure is not covered by insurance.

People in medical billing jobs are responsible for bridging the healthcare provider and the insurance company that reimburses the services provided by the healthcare provider. This requires the medical billers to be aware of the medical codes that are given by the medical coders for various treatments, procedures, diagnoses and medications provided to the patients. For these codes, the medical billers have to ascertain the costs that have been incurred for the services provided by the healthcare providers. Along with the knowledge of medical codes, the billers have to ensure that they understand the insurance industry also. They should be aware of the various players in the insurance industry and the rules and regulations that have to be followed to work with each insurance company. In the USA there are various private insurance providers apart from the social insurance programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program that cater to the needs of people who cannot afford the private insurance for health.

Medical billing jobs require that the billers have a decent knowledge of insurance companies and their procedures. They should establish from whom the health care provider will receive payments for the services provided. This is significant as insurance coverage differs from company to company and also with individual plans taken. Even before the services are provided, the onus is on the medical biller to verify the insurance plan that is covering the patient and the services that fall under the coverage for that plan. Another important part of these jobs is to raise claims according to the procedures and formats set by the insurance provider. Each insurance provider may have specific billing requirements and it is the responsibility of the biller to adhere to these formats and submit insurance claims as required. Besides raising claims, it is also the obligation of the medical biller to inform the patient of the services not covered by the insurer and the costs that have to be borne by the patient. This will help in securing maximum payments for the services provided by healthcare providers and minimizing their losses.

Medical billing is a career that requires analytical skills and attention to details apart from technical skills to work with specialized software used to record medical information. Avontix is one of the best companies in the field of medical billing in Hyderabad. Join us and learn the nuances of medical billing and carve a niche for yourself.

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Medical Billing As a Career Option -Avontix