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The way technology has engulfed our lives has made it irresistible and very difficult for us to stay away from any sort of screen, whether it is our computer, smartphone, tab or television. However, to reduce strain on our eyes and brain, we ought to reduce our screen time. Though we cannot cut off screen time in totality as most of our work is done using computers and various other screens, we can definitely minimize the time we stare at the screens unproductively. Following these simple rules, we can considerably reduce our screen time and give our eyes some rest.

  • Have quality family time: Most of us tend to catch up with the news or other social media updates while having our meals. Ensure you keep your smartphones away from you and turn off the television sets before you start your meals, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. This way you will also get some quality time to spend with your family and strengthen your bond.
  • Demarcate office and personal time: Once your working hours are over, limit yourself from checking emails and messages unless it is very critical for your job to stay connected all the time. This not only reduces strain on your eyes but also, eliminates the resultant stress.
  • Indulge in hobbies that don’t need screen: Rather than spending time uselessly watching movies or playing games on screen, introduce yourself to much engaging stuff like reading, playing games that require some physical activity, or simply going for a walk. These activities give you refreshment and health while keeping you away from the addictive screens.
  • Avoid screens in bed: Get rid of the habit of using phones or computer in bed and don’t even watch movies or television from your bed. A bed is meant for rest and sleep which you should not deprive yourself of by getting addicted to screens in bed.
  • Don’t text, rather call: No doubt, technology has brought people together and gives better chances to stay connected. However, we should use smartphones and computers prudently to stay connected and try to connect with people more with calls. If time and distance permit, what better than meeting in person?
  • Grab a newspaper: Get into that old fashion and grab a newspaper to satisfy your news appetite. If this is not possible, then identify one source of online news that you find reliable and stick to that one site. This will not make you wander from one site to another and increase your screen time.

Reducing screen time minimizes the strain on your eyes and gives you time for better and productive activities. Even while you are looking at a screen try to blink often and don’t stare at the screen continuously.

Say Goodbye To Screen Time and Strain on Eyes -Avontix
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