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Medical transcription or healthcare documentation is an interesting and challenging career option for people who are inclined towards the human medicine industry. Like any other thing in this world, healthcare documentation also has its share of myths. Let’s see here some myths related to medical transcription jobs that could be a hindrance to your career growth.

Myth 1: Just need good typing skills. Many leaflets or advertisements tell that if you have good typing skills, you have a high chance of succeeding in medical transcription jobs. However, this is not entirely true. Having fast typing skills is definitely an asset but, just typing with great speed does not suffice. What makes a good medical transcriptionist is an inquisitive attitude to learn about the human anatomy and the medical terms. At the same time, one should have great command of the English language as well. One should have the capabilities to tackle pressure and work with motivation for long periods of time if necessary.

Myth 2: No need for formal training. There are people who are misguided by the thought that to become a healthcare documentation professional there is no requirement for any formal training and it is enough if you are good at English and typing skills. The actual truth is that though no formal training is required to become a medical transcriptionist, it gets necessary for you to understand the human anatomy, medical terminology and names of medicines that can be learnt with on-the-job training provided for medical transcription jobs by companies like Avontix.

Myth 3: Take care of kids simultaneously. Most of the people who take up medical transcription jobs do so with the thought that after gaining a little experience, they can take care of kids at home by working from home. Though the latter part is true that one can work from home, it is not true that you can take care of kids simultaneously. Medical transcription is a profession that needs total attention and eye for detail. One has to concentrate 100% on the audio file without any distractions so that the job is error-free.

Myth 4: Technology will make transcriptionists obsolete. There are many views from people that technology, especially speech recognition technology will make these professionals obsolete. However, this is just a myth and there will be always a need for human transcriptionists as this speech recognition technology is unreliable and requires regular supervision from proficient transcriptionists.

Myths are always myths. They can’t hinder the growth of a profession or a professional. If you are interested in the allied fields of the healthcare industry, Avontix is the right place for you with the best jobs in medical coding, electronic health records and healthcare documentation in Hyderabad.

Some Common Myths about Healthcare Documentation -Avontix