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Hi friends! In the previous week’s article, we have seen that waking up early is very beneficial and is one of the habits followed by many successful people. So, have you also decided to join the group of early birds? If you want to say yes, but wondering about how to do that, then, this is for you. Here are some fabulous tips that can add some hope and confidence to your wish of waking up early.

  • The first thing to be done before setting an alarm is to tune your mind that you want to reap the benefits of waking up early. Without a strong desire, all efforts will go futile because you will try to find excuses for not being able to wake up earlier than you are used to. Unless you have a strong determination, you tend to postpone the deeds that can fulfill your wish. So, first don’t let your wish remain a wish. Make it a ‘desire’.
  • Work backward. Unless and until you are a superhuman and can work with minimal sleep, you can’t wake up early if you have a habit of sleeping very late in the night. Usually, an average person would need 7-8 hours of proper and undisturbed sleep. So, if you want to wake up early, change your routine and make it a habit to hit the sack early. Going to sleep early for a few days will set your body accordingly and when you are fine with your sleep needs you will naturally tend to wake up early.
  • Once you make a habit of sleeping early, you can work on setting your alarm for the morning, if you are not waking up early automatically. You should do this also gradually.
  • Don’t set an alarm 1 hour before your regular time in the first instance. For the first few days, wake up early by just 10 minutes. Get your body set to that time. Then slowly set your alarm to wake up another 10 minutes before. Do this for the next few days. This way, you can make a change in your wake-up time slowly but steadily. This process may seem very slow and may take considerable time, but will give sure shot results. This is something like breaking down big goals into smaller ones and achieving success. When you are able to wake up 10 minutes before the regular time for few days, you get satisfaction for the result achieved and motivation to continue it further.
  • As soon as you wake up, don’t do the routine stuff you are used to for years. Change it a bit and you get a whiff of freshness in your life. Don’t check your emails or phone as a first thing in the morning. Rather, start meditating or exercising.

These are some of the tips to motivate and help you to wake up early. But, it will be possible only if YOU really want to do that. Make up your mind today that you will start working towards being an early bird. Try it out for few days and before you realize, it would have become a routine for you. One last but a very important tip – beds are for sleeping, so keep all things (laptops, phones, etc.) away from you that distract you from sleeping early.

Super Cool Tips to Wake Up Early -Avontix
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