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Do you remember when is the last time you wanted to do something and did it immediately? It’s very common for all of us to have an agenda to do something and then conveniently postpone that work for some indefinite time. It happens many times that you want to clean up the mess at your home, but put it away for the next day. Then again you postpone it to another day. This kind of procrastination is common in everyday life, whether it’s personal work or official work. There is a momentary feeling of goodness when we procrastinate doing something. But, it also builds up some pressure or tension on us and sometimes we may even lose out on achieving something due to this kind of behavior. When you are really exhausted and can’t do some work, it’s alright to postpone it. But, postponing things just because of lethargy will impact negatively on your personality and your productivity. Here are some tips to keep procrastination away from you.

Go for small tasks: Usually, it happens that we procrastinate doing some work because it is a gigantic task and requires great efforts. In such cases, to avoid procrastination what we can do is, divide a big task into few small tasks. In the case of cleaning up the mess at home, it seems to be a big task when we think of the home in totality. But, break the task into smaller tasks by cleaning one room at one time, then, you will not find the task difficult at all. Work with one room a day and you will finish your task easily without exhaustion. You can follow this trick in whatever kind of work. Whenever you feel that your work is overwhelming, then, break the work into smaller tasks and you will never procrastinate doing things.

Go for small time slots: Forget doing work continuously without a break. We cannot concentrate on any work for more than a couple of hours. Even if you have a big task to be completed, apart from breaking down it into multiple tasks you will also have to work in multiple schedules. Take short breaks in between doing tasks or rather take a break after every one and half hours of work. This will relax your mind and lets you work better after the break which will force you to stop procrastinating. To avoid procrastinating working you can even try juggling with one easy task and one tough task alternatively to boost your enthusiasm towards work.

Make up your mind: Many times we procrastinate doing something because we fear it will consume all our energy and time in doing so and at last the result is also not predictable. In such cases, it is mostly a psychological feeling that we won’t be able to do a particular task, so we procrastinate doing it indefinitely. To avoid such situations, we have to make up our mind that we can do it and we will succeed in our efforts. We can also recollect the times when we finished such similar tasks successfully before. Procrastination is a bad habit that can be rectified with some sincere efforts. It may not be dangerous, but can make you struggle with everyday work. To enjoy life the most, don’t procrastinate your work and have a peaceful day.

Stop Procrastinating and Become Successful -Avontix
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