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When dealing with health records of patients, we come across two terms – EMR and EHR. Though both electronic medical records (EMRs) and Electronic health records (EHRs) appear similar, there is a significant difference in the two.

Electronic medical records are the electronic version of the paper charts of the physicians in a doctor’s office or hospital. An EMR has all the data pertaining to the medical and treatment history of a patient in one practice. The EMRs help the physicians in tracking data and easily identifying the patients who are due for checkups. These also help in tracing the patients’ health with respect to certain parameters like blood pressure, diabetes, and vaccinations.

Electronic health records have a broader perspective than the EMRs. EHRs are related to the overall health of patients and are not limited just to the standard clinical data available from a clinician. EHRs have data and share information from all kinds of health care providers including laboratories and specialists. This means that the patient information is accessible to all the physicians, specialists, hospitals across the country who are authorized to view the patient details including the patients themselves. Both the EMRs and EHRs are used to make the healthcare system more effective and they bring some benefits:

  • Patient charts are not manual anymore and they are more accurate and clear.
  • With accurate information available at fingertips medical errors can be controlled and reduced.
  • cross healthcare providers, patients’ time and money are saved as duplication of tests is reduced.
  • Medications and treatments provided are more reliable.
  • Patients’ involvement and participation encourage a healthier lifestyle and preventive measures for better health.

The benefits of maintaining EHRs have made it compulsory that all the healthcare providers adopt electronic health records practice. Avontix provides EHR Solutions in Hyderabad with the complete chart management solution, EZchart, designed to facilitate the ambulatory surgery center services.

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Role of EMRs and EHRs in the Healthcare Industry -Avontix